Cam Position Sensor, Meyle - E36, E34, E39, E38, Z3

Important sensor used by the ECU. Replaces BMW part #12141703221

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The engine computer takes the camshaft position from this sensor to assist in setting timing and even when starting the engine. A bad cam position sensor will lead to hard starting and reduced power as the engine computer reverts to 'safe mode' maps. There will also be a fault code and check engine light for camshaft reference sensor.

This sensor fits all M52 and S52 engines fitted to the 1996-1999 E36 323is/328i/M3, 1997-1998 E39 528i, 1997-1998 Z3 2.8, and 1998-2000 MZ3 S52.

A new o-ring is not included with the sensor. Please order the o-ring separately (see link below).

This cam sensor is designed and engineered in Germany by Meyle to match or exceed the OEM part in every way. Meyle sees their products as an "OEM Premium" level of quality and value. Meyle emphasizes research, engineering, and testing even when reproducing an original design. Meyle parts are developed strictly in line with the guidelines and specifications of their own engineers in Hamburg, Germany and overseen and tested in the production process. Meyle parts are manufactured under ISO/TS 16949 standard, TUV approved, and have a four year warranty.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E36 (92-99) > 323ic
E36 (92-99) > 323is
E36 (92-99) > 328i
E36 (92-99) > 328ic
E36 (92-99) > 328is
5 Series
E39 (97-03) > 528i
Z Series
E36/7 / E36/8 Z3 (96-02) > Z3 2.8
E36/7 / E36/8 Z3 (96-02) > Z3 M - S52
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