Bottom-End Gasket Set, Victor-Reinz - E36 325i/M3, E34 525i

Victor-Reinz Bottom-End Gasket Set - E36 325i/M3, E34 525i M50

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This gasket set covers the oil pan and bottom end seals and gaskets on the M50 and S50US engines. Oil pan leaks are common on BMW engines and this comprehensive gasket set includes the oil pan as well as many other seals for the engine block and crankshaft. If you're overhauling and re-sealing the M50/S50 engine this gasket set is essential! This kit is based on BMW gasket set part #11119064460.

Complete parts list:
1 x 07119963080, oil filter bolt gasket ring, A10x14
1 x 11421711076, oil filter bolt o-ring, 4.5x1.5mm
1 x 11421741000, oil filter cover o-ring, 91x4mm
1 x 11421719855, oil filter housing gasket
1 x 07119963151, oil drain plug gasket ring, A12x17
1 x 07119963200, coolant drain gasket ring, A14x18
1 x 11131437237, oil pan gasket
1 x 11141432240, rear cover steel gasket
1 x 11141720638, front timing cover gasket
1 x 11141720639, front timing cover gasket
1 x 11142249532, front crankshaft seal, 48x65x10
1 x 11142249533, rear main crankshaft seal, 90x110x12
1 x 11411703947, oil pump suction tube profile gasket
1 x 11411722837, oil control valve o-ring, 17.0x1.8mm
1 x 11431287541, dipstick tube lower o-ring, 14.5x3mm
2 x 11431717666, dipstick tube upper o-ring, 9x2.2mm
1 x 11511711484, water pump o-ring, 68x5mm
1 x 12611277129, bottom cover gasket ring, 40x4mm
2 x 32411093596, VANOS oil line gasket ring, A14x20mm

This is an aftermarket version of the kit put together by BMW. These kits usually include extra parts that may not apply to your exact model and will not be used. It may not include every gasket or seal that you wish to replace (see list above). Additional parts such as oil pan bolts, other hardware, and sensors are sold separately.

This part is manufactured by an aftermarket supplier of European auto parts, including many gaskets and seals. While not carrying OEM status, this part follows the design of the original very closely and uses similar materials. An aftermarket part may even have the same TUV approval as its OEM counterpart. The brand may even be OEM to another manufacturer besides BMW. This aftermarket brand has a two year warranty - the same as Genuine BMW and OEM brands.

For full BMW fitment information or for assistance from one of our BMW experts, we recommend calling us at 877-639-9648.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E36 (92-99) > 325i
E36 (92-99) > 325ic
E36 (92-99) > 325is
E36 (92-99) > M3 (1995)
5 Series
E34 (89-95) > 525i M50
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