Belt and Pulley Set, OEM - E82 135i, E9X 335i (N54)

OEM replacement belt, tensioner, and pulley package

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Having a maintenance plan is the best way to keep your N54 reliable and making big power. Part of that maintenance plan must include new belts and the tensioner every 40-60,000 miles. This belt overhaul on the N54 includes all OEM components - main accessory belt, tensioner with pulleys, upper deflection pulley, lower deflection pulley, and new mounting hardware. This package saves time and money and will have you covered during belt service or doing other work such as replacing the oil filter housing gasket.

The main drive belt runs the power steering pump, alternator, and air conditioning compressor on the N54 engine (the water pump is electric). It's very important not to neglect your drive belts as a failure will leave you stranded. The 2006-2010 6-cylinder engines (N51/N52/N54) also have a reputation for "eating belts" - a failing tensioner lets the belt slip off the pulleys and it either shreds in the cooling fan or gets sucked into the oil pan. The exact cause is unknown but if a weak tensioner is at fault, preventative replacement is the only sure way to avert a serious failure.

Kit Contents -
  • OEM ContiTech main accessory belt, #11287628652
  • OEM INA belt tensioner, #11287563927
  • OEM INA upper deflection pulley, #11287556251
  • OEM INA lower deflection pulley, #11287557851

BMW Fitments:

1 Series
E82 / E88 (08-10) > 135i
E82 / E88 (2011) > 1M
3 Series
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (07-10) > 335i
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (11-13) > 335is
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (07-10) > 335xi
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