E9X 335Xi N54 Right Side Motor Mount & Axle Hardware Kit

Additional parts that may be replaced during turbo overhaul on 335xi N54 models.

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When replacing turbos on the 2007-2010 N54 335xi it helps to remove the engine mount, mount arm, axle shaft, and lower the steering rack and subframe. Not all of that is required and we have seen turbo replacement done with only some items disconnected. How extensive you go depends on your DIY capabilities.

Most of this list is hardware pieces that you should be able to re-use but we like to have fresh hardware for any work we do on our own cars. This list should be everything needed if you're removing all components listed above. Contact us if you only need a partial Kit.

This kit includes -
4 x 31106769907, 90mm front subframe bolt
2 x 31106767497, 53mm front subframe bolt
1 x 33411133785, outer axle shaft nut
4 x 07119904793, axle shaft flange bolt
1 x 31511213527, inner axle shaft seal
1 x 22116773744, right-side engine mount
4 x 22116778231, 42mm mount arm Torx screw
1 x 07119904670, motor mount nut
2 x 31356757707, M10 nut for steering rack

All of the parts are Genuine BMW or from an OEM supplier to BMW.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E90 / E92 (07-10) > 335xi
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