N55 Turbo Overhaul Package - F22 F23 F30 (2012-7/2013)

A complete N55 turbo install kit with an OE Borg-Warner Turbo and all OEM install parts

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Do your N55 turbo overhaul job right! 

This very comprehensive kit includes an OE Turbo Assembly, as well as all of the commonly replaced gaskets and hardware for replacing a turbo on the N55-Powered  F22/F23 M235i as well as the F30 335i & 335xi - Model Years 2012 up to 7/2013.  

Only For Cars Produced Before 7/2013

Not for RHD models.

The Turbo is brand new, made by Borg-Warner, the original supplier for BMW. You can be assured you are getting the best quality OE / Stock turbo, with absolutely NO CORE CHARGE or core return hassle. You're also assured you're getting the latest design improvements available. All of the included hardware this kit is either Genuine BMW or OEM. We assembled this kit to make it easy for you (or your mechanic) to get the right parts easily, and at the best price. All parts include a two year warranty.

Our included hardware kit uses a mix of Genuine BMW and OEM parts - nothing that we wouldn't use on our own BimmerWorld employee or project BMWs. These brands include Genuine BMW, Elring, and Victor Reinz. These brands include Genuine BMW, Elring, and Victor Reinz, all of which have a two year warranty.

N55 Turbo Overhaul Package Includes:
1 x 11657636424 - N55 Turbo - No Core Charge
15 x 18407502196 -  Flange Nut, Copper 
15 x 11127593376 - Stud, Exhaust Manifold
1 x 18307553601 - Gasket, Turbo to Downpipe
1 x 13717599291 - Gasket Ring, Turbo Inlet
6 x 11657593303 - Gasket, Exhaust Manifold
1 x 11657620508 - T-Bolt Clamp, Turbo to Downpipe
1 x 18307620349 - Clamp/Gasket, Downpipe to Center Exhaust
3 x 11517602123 - Bolt, Water Pump
4 x 07129905867 - Screw, Oil Hose
2 x 11427590577 - O-ring, Oil Return Line
2 x 11427590576 - O-ring, Oil Supply Line
3 x 11537590575 - O-Ring, Coolant Line Connections
1 x 13718596850 - O-Ring, Hotside Chargepipe to Intercooler
1 x 07129904553 - Nut With Plate, Charge Pipe Mounting
1 x 11657588773 - Vacuum Hose, Boost Control

When replacing the N55 turbo, there are many parts that must be replaced and some that are simply a good idea to replace. This kit covers both and sits in between a minimalist kit for the ace DIYer and the ultra kit for the DIY or shop that wants a completely fresh install. It should be noted that while turbo replacement can be done with the car on jack stands, "the easiest" procedure for many with a shop lift is to drop the subframe, suspension, engine, and transmission from below (a lift is essential here). This allows infinite access to the parts. Depending on which procedure you choose, additional parts may be required. See below for links or contact us for advice.

BMW Fitments: 

F22/F23 (12-7/2013) > M235i
F22/F23 (12-7/2013) > M235i xDrive

F30 (12-7/2013) > 335i
F30 (12-7/2013) > 335i xDrive
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