Rogue Engineering E46 M3 Diablo Exhaust

Lightweight, direct fit, stainless system with great tone and added power

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The Devil's in the Details!

The Rogue Engineering E46 M3 Diablo Exhaust is an impressive piece of exhaust engineering. RE used their expansive knowledge to create a high-flow exhaust system while still incorporating the bends and curves needed for this tight location. The stock section 3 exhaust is considerably restricted for a number of reasons, but Rogue Engineering addressed these issues with an artistic take on exhaust manufacturing.

The Diablo incorporates dual 50mm T-304 stainless steel tubing for ideal back pressure and flow. The system's mandrel bends merge into a straight-through, composite resin-packed silencer, with the gases exiting through four 80mm polished stainless steel tips (burnt titanium available). This RE system reduces exhaust gas restrictions to practically zero for a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque while dampening the exhaust sound into a deep and throaty tone that lacks the highway drone of some other performance exhausts. Plus, the Diablo is made to fit exactly like factory the factory unit. 

The RE Diablo exhaust is different because it's a true flow-through design. Unlike the factory chambered design, there's nothing to slow down the exhaust gases when they speed up with higher RPMs. Building an exhaust with tubing diameters that are too large can result in poor street performance, while tubing diameters that are too small can restrict power at high RPM. The RE Diablo checks off all the needed boxes for optimal performance
 balance while producing a deep, mellow tone, thanks to the well-engineered muffler size, perforated tubing size, and perforation size.

Dyno Proven Results:
The Rogue Diablo Section 3 has become a part of a power recipe we've created at BimmerWorld. The recipe consists of 4 main ingredients: aFe Intake, Shark Injector software, properly-tuned headers, and Rogue's full header-back exhaust system. These combined ingredients produce an extra 30hp at the wheels! This is a considerable amount considering the level of design and engineering of the original components and the fact that the S54 is already making 104hp per liter! With our power recipe, keeping up with an E9X M3 isn't a problem!

Features include:
  • Weighs only 26 lbs - 1/2 the weight of the factory muffler! (factory is 56 lbs.)
  • 100% T-304 stainless steel construction, internals
  • Fully mandrel-bent tubing, no crimps or flattened areas
  • Mil-finished pipes and muffler, mirror polished stainless steel quad 80mm angle-cut, staggered tips.
  • Full TIG-welded construction, no lock seams or pinch welds.
  • Rogue Engineering logo tastefully stamped in the body of the muffler
  • 80mm Stainless Tips
  • Flow-through design does not create muffler "hot spots" found on chambered mufflers
  • Optimized tubing sizes and minimized bends maintain exhaust velocity without compromising necessary backpressure
  • Deep, throaty tone without drone - virtually silent at idle, but appropriate tone at higher RPMs
  • Will not change ground clearance
  • Will not void factory warranty
  • Will not affect emissions
  • No permanent modifications required for installation

Notice of Regulatory Non-Compliance. This exhaust system has been developed to work in conjunction with all factory emissions controls and equipment. Installation of this exhaust will not increase emissions nor cause a check-engine light or fault codes on a properly maintained vehicle. However, neither BimmerWorld nor the manufacturer can assure compliance with local or state regulations regarding sound levels or other compliance with vehicle inspection or registration. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure his/her vehicle complies with all federal, state, county, or local regulations. Some suppliers will not ship to certain states, requiring extra delivery time. We will advise you of any delays.

BMW Fitments:
3 Series
E46 (99-05) > M3
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