Race Oil & Filter Package (M50/S50/S52) - Red Line 40WT & OEM Mahle Filter

Racing engine oil and OEM filter for outstanding protection under racing conditions

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This oil change package for the 1992-1999 six-cylinder gasoline cars includes Red Line Racing 40WT synthetic oil and an OEM Mahle oil filter. This kit includes everything you need for an oil change on the E36 325i, E34 525i, E36 M3, and S52 MZ3 models.

  • 8 quarts of Red Line Race 40WT synthetic motor oil (1 extra for slight overfill)
  • 1 OEM Mahle oil filter kit
Racing engine oils have extremely high levels of ZDDP (Zinc and Phosphorus) for the ultimate in shear strength and protection at elevated temperatures and stress. Race oils go way beyond the typical street car oil in levels of protection. However, they are not acceptable for street use because they lack certain detergents and contain additives that make them incompatible with modern catalytic converters. More frequent oil changes, with a new filter, are required. Red Line Race Oil is specifically formulated to give the best protection and lubricity in a race track environment. Power gains of 2-4% over a standard off-the-shelf motor oil can be expected. Red Line Racing Oil is the preferred oil for the BimmerWorld race team, as well as many NASCAR and Late Model teams.

The Mahle oil filter kit includes the filter, two cap o-rings, and a drain plug crush seal. We insist on OEM or Original BMW filters for our customers. Mahle is an OE supplier to BMW for this and many other filters and components found in your BMW. As an original supplier, Mahle's filter products meet or exceed the requirements from BMW. They are engineered for the correct fit and filtration needs of the M50, S50US, and S52 six-cylinder engines.

Expected oil life in track conditions is approximately 1,000 miles or 10 on-track hours at full-rev use.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E36 (92-99) > 325i
E36 (92-99) > 325is
E36 (92-99) > 325ic
E36 (92-99) > M3 (1995)
E36 (92-99) > M3 (96-99)
5 Series
E34 (89-95) : 525i M50
Z Series
E36/7 / E36/8 Z3 (96-02) > Z3 M - S52
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