GTMore Suspension Package, Full Kit - F8X M3/M4

Coil overs and control arms to allow 18x11 square set on stock F80 or F82 bodywork

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This kit can be configured multiple ways. Contact us for a package to suit your needs.


$10,073.90 – $15,224.64

18x11.0 square set on F8X M3/M4 is not a direct fit on the standard suspension and bodywork. Unless you have our full GTMore suspension and wheel package.... This setup will let you run 305 or 315* slick tires at all four corners. 

Anyone with a track-focused F8X is likely looking at coil overs, camber plates, and tubular control arms anyway. However, the standard 1:1 replacement upgrades still will not allow you to run 11.0" front wheels with 305-315 tires. To fit 11" you need alternative upgrades that allow for the proper room in the wheel well without cutting up the body and strut towers. The full GTMore package includes all of the typical track upgrades but configured for full adjustability and healthy clearance to fit an 18x11 square fitment. 
We developed these parts on our GTMore project car - a GT4-inspired build without the GT racing restraints. The GT4 race cars came from BMW with 18x11 wheels under stock bodywork. To accomplish this requires a massive overhaul of the front suspension (and corresponding upgrades to the rear). We could have sold the Genuine Motorsport GT4 parts - or straight up copied them - but after racing the GT4 for several seasons we saw potential for improvement. With few minor exceptions, ALL of the parts you see here are custom-made for this application and not shared with any other BMW model or package. The "standard" SPL control arms are not the same as the arms in this package.

Video: GTMore Track Suspension 

Included with a GTMore suspension package is: 
MCS coil over dampers with top eye-mounts (2-way, 3-way, or 4-way adjustable) 
BimmerWorld GTMore camber/caster plates for eye-mount dampers  
Rear clevis shock mounts 
Hyperco racing springs with tender springs 
All hardware to fit MCS dampers and springs to F8X chassis 
BimmerWorld GTMore front tie rod ends (manufactured for us by SPL) 
BimmerWorld GTMore front upper thrust arms (manufactured for us by SPL) 
BimmerWorld GTMore front lower wishbones (manufactured for us by SPL) 
BimmerWorld GTMore front sway bar links (manufactured for us by SPL) 
BimmerWorld steering rack limiters 

Not included are rear suspension arms, upgraded sway bars, and 18x11 wheels. 

Wheels - Unless you are building custom forged wheels, the selection of 18x11 wheels is limited. The goal is a combined wheel+spacer offset as close to -2 to -7mm offset. We have run with 11.0" ET44 (the most common), ET30, ET25, and others. Our own BimmerWorld TA16 forged wheels are an 18x11 ET36 that we combine with a 41mm front spacer and no rear spacer. Unless custom forged, all wheels will require a spacer to achieve an optimum offset and wheel placement. 

* Tires - if you buy slick tires you already know that the actual dimensions vary by manufacturer and model. And tire models change often. We experimented with multiple different tires during GTMore events with 305 being an easy fit and 315 being a "comfortable fit" but may be tight through the whole steering range. The GT4 ran with spec 305 tires. Look closely at the dimensions and if a 315 is on the larger end of the scale you may have some rubbing to contend with. 

The fine print.... This suspension and wheel combo is not for the casual enthusiast wanna-be racers. There are compromises and “stuff you need to know”... 
Steering - wider tires require steering rack limiters to prevent rubbing on the inner fenders (included in this package). This reduces steering lock to only 1.5 turns lock-to-lock. Definitely not for street use and may be frustrating if you're used to full turns in the paddock. 
Rubbing - with this much tire there will definitely be rubbing on fender linings. Expect to replace the plastic fender liners periodically. You could run without them but they are functional overall so we think they are worth keeping. 
Body trimming - Depending on the tire choice and control arm setup, a minor body modification may be needed by trimming a seamed piece of metal behind the front fender liner against the wheel well. 
Sway Bar Clearance - This package does come with hardware to run the coilover rear system in either standard or inverted configuration. We only recommend to run inverted when used with our BimmerWorld Sway Bar package that allows additional clearance between the springs and bar. 
Early 3-bolt strut towers - our camber plates are configured for the later and more common 5-bolt strut towers. Since 5 is bigger than 3 we recommend drilling two more holes on each strut tower for the 5-bolt camber plates. 
EDC-delete - these dampers are not compatible with factory EDC. The EDC will either need to be coded out through software or by purchasing an EDC-delete module. Since this is really intended only for full-track or race use you will likely be coding out some other components anyway. 

About GTMore 
We raced the F82 M4 GT4 in IMSA and SRO series for six years, achieving multiple wins and podiums. But the GT4 was a homologated model - tightly regulated by the series to balance performance with its competitors. In the interest of parity they gave the M4 generous brakes and tire sizes but reigned in the horsepower - rules limited it to five power levels with the highest being 500 crank hp. Innovation and curiosity is in our DNA so we wondered: "How much more performance is left in the GT4 platform if we removed the series restrictions? Can we build a street M4 with more speed than the GT4?" And the GTMore idea was born... Click here for the full GTMore build.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
F80 (15-19) > M3
4 Series
F82 (15-21) > M4
F82 (15-21) > M4 GT4
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