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Carbotech XP10 Racing Brake Pads - E30 3 Series Front

Carbotech's most popular race/track pad for advanced and instructor-level drivers

Special Deal! Price includes extra 20% OFF for a limited time!

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Carbotech Racing Brake Pads are some of the highest performing brake pads in the world, coming directly from Carbotech's research and manufacturing plant in Concord, NC, the racing headquarters of the USA. 

Carbotech Performance Brakes utilize true race compounds that are rotor friendly, eliminating the grabbing and locking up that keeps so many drivers and race cars from performing at their peak. You want to go deep to gain those precious fractions of a second before you need to brake, and Carbotech brakes let you do just that. In every turn, all race long.

Designed by racers for racers, Carbotech brakes can be specified to meet the needs of your car and driving style. Give us a call and we can recommend the compounds that will be perfect for your front and rear pads and shoes, assuring that they perform together with optimum effectiveness.

Carbotech pads are relatively easy on rotors, and if you're using your street car for track days, Carbotechs produce a mostly non-corrosive dust for easy wheel and paint cleaning.

Carbotech XP10 Compound Description

  • Carbotech's most popular race/track pad
  • Very high initial bite friction material, with a high coefficient of friction and excellent rotor friendliness
  • Fade resistance is in excess of 1650 °F
  • Due to the high level of friction and bite, this material is recommended for cars weighing around 2,000 lbs or more
  • Ideal for advanced/instructor-level HPDE drivers

XP10 still maintains the highly praised release and excellent modulation, rotor friendliness, and non-corrosive dust that have made all Carbotech compounds so successful. 

XP10 is not recommended as a daily-driven street pad due to possible elevated levels of dust and noise.

Made in the USA


1 Series

E82 135i13711372
E8X 128i10611267

3 Series

E9X M3918919
E9X 335, 328 (9/07+)9181170
E9X 330, 325i10611170
E9X 328 (-8/07)10611267
E46 M3 w/ Competition Package946683
E46 M3394683
E46 330946683
E46 323/325/328558396
E36 M3394396
E36 318/323/325/328558396
E30 M3395396
E30 318/325493279
E21 320i174478 (shoe)

Z Series

Z4 3.0Si946396
Z4 3.0, 2.5558396

F10 M5

5 Series

E60 M51151919
E6X 545i, 550i918919
E6X 530i918683
E6X 525i, Manual Trans.725683
E6X 525i, Auto Trans.918683
E39 M5681683
E39 540, 530681396
E39 528, 525725396

E34 5 Series

E28 M5163396
E28 5 Series, Non M253279
E12 528163164
E6X M61151919
E6X 6 Series, Non M918919
E24 M6163279
E24 6 Series, 9/'82+395279
E24 6 Series, -8/'82163164

7 Series

E6X 760, 750918919
E6X 745918396
E38 7 Series681683
E32 7 Series394396
E23 7 Series394396

8 Series

E31 850CSi, 850 '90-7/'93547683
E31 850 8/'93-'97, 840639683

X Series


*Due to dimensional differences in pad shapes we do not suggest Carbotech performance pads with Performance Friction Direct Drive rotors for any application.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E30 (84-91) > 318i
E30 (84-91) > 318is
E30 (84-91) > 325e
E30 (84-91) > 325es
E30 (84-91) > 325i
E30 (84-91) > 325is
E30 (84-91) > 325ix
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