Data & Gauges
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Data & Gauges

Data & gauges allow you to keep track of information that allows you to watch for problems or to enhance the performance of your BMW and you, the driver. From all-out data acquisition and video recording to analog gauges and accessories, recording vital performance information or catching real-time changes to your BMW's operating systems allows you to be one step ahead of your car and your competition. To learn more about Lap Timers (the first step in data acquisition), click here for some helpful info.

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AiM Solo 2 GPS Lap Timer

The next generation Solo is a learning tool that every driver should own!

Price: $458.99

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AiM Solo 2 DL Lap Timer and Data Logger

A tremendous learning tool that every driver should own!

Price: $798.99

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AiM VDO 0-147 PSI Pressure Sensor, 1/8" NPT (10 Bar)

Extend the capability of your data system with AiM Sensors

Price: $138.99

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Steering Wheel Four Button Holder Plate Kit, Aluminum (2-piece)

Button holders for 6-bolt steering wheels

Price: $29.99

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AiM MXS_192.jpg

AiM MXS/MXG Small/Large Dash & Data Logger with GPS

The latest and greatest AiM data logger, available with 5" or 7" display and more features than ever

Price: $2,598.99 – $2,898.99

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AiM EVO5 Data Logger with GPS

Powerful, high-value data logger with CAN connectivity and SD card for countless possibilities and immediate access for crew and coaches

Price: $1,898.99

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AiM Remote Shift Light Module

Place shift lights in a better field of view. Also doubles as a predictive lap timer.

Price: $219.99

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Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimizer

Powerful GPS-based driving analysis complete with 1080p video that translates data into a plan of action.

Price: $999.95

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Moroso Rocker LED Switch Panel - E46

Radio & HVAC-delete panel with universal switches

Price: $251.99

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Garmin Action Cam Mount for Garmin Catalyst and Garmin Cameras

Attach your Garmin device to other brands of action camera mounts with this original Garmin mount adapter.

Price: $19.99

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Mounting Tab Repair Kit for Gauge Cluster - E30 3-Series

Repair broken dash gauge cluster mounting tabs on any E30 3-series model.

Price: $40.00

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Pressure Sensor - F82 M4 GT4

Genuine Motorsport Pressure Sensor used on M4 GT4

Price: $949.99

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BMW AiM GPS Receiver Module - F82 M4 GT4

Genuine Motorsport GPS Receiver Module used on M4 GT4

Price: $354.37

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BMW AiM Dash Display Logger - F82 M4 GT4

Genuine Motorsport Dash Display Logger used on M4 GT4

Price: $2,777.31

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Temperature Sensor - F82 M4 GT4

Genuine Motorsport Temperature Sensor used on M4 GT4

Price: $57.89

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Aluminum Dual Mount for GoPro Action Camera

Easily mount two action cameras to get front-facing and rear-facing footage on track.

Price: $25.00

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Aluminum Roll bar Mount for GoPro Action Camera - Fits 1.75 Inch Tubing

Strong metal mounting point for your in-car camera. Clamps directly to 1-3/4 inch roll bars.

Price: $69.99

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