AiM GS-Dash Display for EVO4S/EVO5 Logger

Display unit for AiM EVO loggers

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If you have an AiM EVO4S or EVO5 data logger and want to add a display unit, the GS is designed for that purpose. The GS Dash can be added retroactively to your existing EVO logger system. Connect the GS display to your logger's Expansion port with the included cable. Now you have the same displays and features of the full AiM race dash loggers.

Specs & Features:
268x128 pixel display
7 configurable RGB colors
Includes ambient light sensor
Shift Lights with 5 configurable LEDs
Alarm lights through 4 configurable LEDs
9 display pages
Dimensions: 127.8x82x22.2mm
Weight: 380g
Waterproof to IP65 standard

The GS display must be configured with the AiM RaceStudio software.

This is a display unit only - not a data logger.
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