AiM EVO4S Data Logger with OBD2 Cable

Powerful, high-value data logger with OBD connection for countless possibilities and immediate access for crew and coaches

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The BimmerWorld View - The EVO4S is a fantastic economical part of data-acquisition hardware. With a GPS module and an internal accelerometer included, plus a separate RPM input, you get the basics needed to tune the most important part of your car - the driver! The EVO data loggers are standalone recorders - you don't need a racing dash to record or review data unless you want it during the sesssion. The EVO data loggers only need ECU or analog data inputs. Export your data logs post-session to review on a laptop with AiM's RaceStudio software. This is a fantastic entry into data acquisition and analysis without the clutter and distraction of a race dash.

Data can come from multiple sources depending on your vehicle's age and factory wiring. On OBD-I cars (or 1999-earlier) specific wires to the ECU are tapped and additional analog sensors may be required. For OBD-II (1999-later) cars there is a lot of data avaialble by tapping the vehicle's CAN High and CAN Low wires and no additional sensors are usually required (for our BMW builds, anyway). A plug-in OBD cable is included with a hard-wired CAN High/Low/K-Line harness and RS232 harness also available. The EVO4S includes the AiM GPS module, a three-axis accelerometer, and a gyro sensor. The EVO4S has 4GB of internal memory with the option of adding a memory card module. Power must come from a hardwired switched connection to the vehicle (power cable included).

EVO4S Layout:
Speed Input (not needed if pulling speed from ECU or GPS)
Lap Timer/Beacon (not needed if using GPS)
ECU (4 meter plug-in OBD cable included)
Expansion Hub input (or Memory Card)
GPS module (included)
USB data output port
Channel 1-5 analog data input (typically not needed when pulling ECU data)
Digital Output (configurable in RaceStudio software to provide 1amp external power).

In The Box:
EVO4S, GPS module, 1 OBD 4 meter cable, 1 USB data cable, 1 power cable, 1 digital output cable, mounting bracket, Race Studio software CD
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