AiM MXP Medium Dash & Data Logger with GPS

Medium color TFT dash display and logger packed with hardware and features

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The BimmerWorld View: The MXP is a new dash/data logger with a configurable display screen like no other AiM product. MXP has a full color 6" screen in a complete unit no larger than other AiM dashes. This is the dash with all the bells and whistles for the biggest and brightest AiM experience. 

Principal Features:
  • larger size - 189.6mm x 106.4mm (7.46"x4.19")
  • you set the screen display
  • high-contrast TFT display with light sensor
  • two power outputs for running accessories from the dash
  • integrated programmable shift lights
  • WiFi connection to laptop
  • SmartyCam connection
  • expandable system - add components as your data needs require
  • So. Much. More.
We are hugely excited about this latest AiM dash because it's the full AiM suite of products in a bright and exciting display.

The MXP dash is the full data experience - digital and analog inputs, ECU data, CAN connections, control external systems, SmartyCam connectivity, Lambda control, data hub expansions, and GPS module data. This is the base for all of your data needs with a vibrant and user-controlled display with the very best color and contrast available. The MXP can be used to update older systems for a fresh look and better ergonomics. Connect your existing AiM system or consult with us on building a new system.

The MXP can be configured to display all types of data for review. Create custom pages and page styles, choose data and define the scale and measuring units. And all data can be sent to AiM's Race Studio 3 software, which is free to download. Sync your MXP with Race Studio to download and analyze your performance as well as change configurations and set alarms.

Additional Technical Specifications
Display800x480 pixels
Weight640 g
Connectors2 x Deutsch motorsport (37 & 22 pins), 1 5-pin Binder (for camera)
CAN connections3
Expansion connectionsGPS, channel expander, TC hub, Lambda controller, SmartyCam HD
Analog inputsx 8, max 1,000Hz each
Digital inputs4 speed, 1 coil RPM, lap signal
Internal memory4GB

Included: MXP unit, GPS module & 4 meter cable, USB cable, 37-pin motorsport harness, power cable, Race Studio 3 disc software.
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