AiM SmartyCam GP Bullet Camera with 67-deg Lens

The ultimate bullet-cam HD camera system for data overlay and integration

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The BimmerWorld View Why go on track with a generic action-camera?  SmartyCam GP has been designed for motorsports with a single purpose: to provide great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. The picture quality is excellent, the overlays are very configurable, and one of the biggest features for us is that the camera starts and stops automatically, and it even powers on by itself - no more trying to remember if the camera is running while strapped in on grid, so no more missed footage!  For some great footage from the new gear,check out BimmerWorld-sponsored racer Nathaniel Sparks (in his Mazda...).

The AiM SmartyCam GP Camera System bridges the gap between high-resolution video and on-screen data in one revolutionary package designed specifically for motorsports. From its conception, the goal with SmartyCam GP or HD was to create a truly visual data tool that would provide stunning video quality with integrated on-screen feedback to ultimately make you go faster on the racetrack. Racing deserves a better video and data solution, and SmartyCam GP is the answer.

The SmartyCam GP
This is the professional on-board camera with data overlay and a remote bullet-cam. If you have a formula car, or a bike, in which the standard SmartyCam HD isn't as easy to install, this version with remote bullet-cam, SmartyCam GP is your choice. This camera provides the same video quality, same connections to data loggers, and has the same features but a completely different look. The GP version is black anodized aluminum, billet machined with a light, robust, and really small bullet-camera.

Video with a racing heart and engineering mind
SmartyCam GP embodies everything AiM has learned from decades of being on and at the track. Each component, from imaging to the body itself, was selected for its ability to provide the highest quality video and data. The result is a track-ready system that is all show without sacrificing the go.

Auto data overlay means you won't be overwhelmed
SmartyCam GP allows you to quickly select from a variety of in-video overlays tailored for your type of racing. The new SmartyManager software even offers the freedom to choose from a vast gallery of overlay elements to create a customizable video experience. And with the improved LogoManager plug-in, personalizing your video has never been easier.

The difference is in the data
Visualize RPM, speed, lap times, G's, throttle, brake, track position, and anything else you might want to see in a video to help you improve. Were you actually "flat out" through turn five, or did it just feel that way? Now there's no guessing, no question, and no excuses. Faster lap times are just a video away, as you can analyze every second of every lap.

Tack-sharp for the track
A quantum leap in video, SmartyCam GP/HD is the first to offer a global shutter CMOS imager for motorsport applications. Traditional cameras use a rolling shutter to capture video, which causes wave and other artifacts, resulting in poor video quality. The advantage of a global shutter is that it exposes the entire image simultaneously, not one line at a time. This provides clear picture and brilliantly sharp race footage.

AiM came up with an exclusive seven-element optics package so that your race footage, day or night, looks brighter and sharper than ever before. To be sure your video plays back exactly the way you saw it on track, a hybrid infrared filter keeps clarity-robbing light out for more accurate, uniform colors.

A well laid plan comes together
Taking SmartyCam GP a step further, the AiM team came up with pioneering video and data stream management firmware. Through better programming, they were able to make files smaller, which means sharing and editing your video has never been easier.

Never miss a session
SmartyCam GP uses intelligent recording logic to start and stop, so you never miss any on-track footage. Select from a variety of smart-settings to fit your racing application. The built in three-axis accelerometer instantly and automatically brings the system to life, tells it when to start and stop, and even when to power down to conserve battery life. Plus, you can connect your Smarty-Cam GP to an AiM data system and let the integrated CAN bus do all of the heavy-lifting, from charging and recording, to data sharing between devices. All you have to do is drive (really fast, of course).

Please Note:  Included with the SmartyCam GP is a 12v power source, CAN cables are a separate accessory.

The all new SmartyCam HD and GP have the following features:

SmartyCam HD
SmartyCam GP
Display Resolution 
 128x128 pixel -1.45"
240x320 pixel - 2.4"
 Lens Multi-element glass lens with infrared filter
 Multi-element glass lens with infrared filter
 Diagonal field of view
 Standard lens 67º, Wide-angle lens 84º Standard lens 67º, Wide-angle lens 84º
 Internal battery
 Recharchable lithium battery 1040 mAh
 Recharchable lithium battery 1040 mAh
 Battery charge
 700 mAh 12V
 700 mAh 12V
 Internal battery duration
 Up to 60 min. acquisition
Up to 45 min. acquisition
 External power
 9-15 Volt
 9-15 Volt
 Memory Up to 64 Gb
Up to 64 Gb
 Memory capability
 1 hour recording = 2 Gb (average)
 1 hour recording = 2 Gb (average)
 Movies format
 H.264 - 720 x 400 pixel @ 30 fps
 H.264 - 720 x 400 pixel @ 30 fps
 Accelerometer Three-axial plus/minus 5G
 Three-axial plus/minus 5G
 Usage temperatures
 -20ºC + 60ºC -20ºC + 60ºC
 Auto Power On
 Yes, if connected to an AiM logger
 Yes, if connected to an AiM logger
 Auto Power Off
 Auto Start/Stop Recording
 Dimensions 87x63x48mmModule: 111x65x27mm
Bullet: 24mm, Length 78mm
 Weight 250gModule+Bullet+Harness+Battery: 350g
 Waterproof IP65Module: IP65
Bullet: IP67

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