RaceSense Professional Tire Pressure Gauge with Pyrometer

A tire pressure and temperature gauge for modern times

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A tire pressure gauge that made us say "Whoa."

Can you get excited about a tire pressure gauge? This is the one. Analog tire pressure gauges have their place but if you take pressure (and temperature) seriously this is the gauge kit to "geek out" on.

  • Preset your pressure check routine and record pressure on 2 or 4 tires without pressing buttons
  • Read and record initial pressure and adjusted pressure in one shot
  • Accurate and repeatable to within 0.1 psi (100psi max)
  • Auto-senses weather, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and GPS
  • Keep track of multiple cars
  • Sync data to your phone or tablet
  • USB download of data as CSV file
  • Tough and durable materials for life at the track
RaceSense took all of the available wireless and programming advancements and applied them to the basic tire pressure gauge. Tire temperature and pressure data and management is still one of the most fundamental concepts for optimizing vehicle handling and dynamics. If you've ever struggled to record pressures during a pit stop, screaming numbers to an assistant, or scratched your head on which tire was which, this is the tool you need.

This tool allows one person to quickly check and adjust pressures without having to remember which tire was which. Or study a needle to identify the pressure. It's recording for you. Then sync to your phone or download via USB to your laptop. Adding notes and other data to your file will greatly expand your tire pressure toolset.

This tool includes a type K thermocouple probe to record tire temps (inner, middle, outer and ambient).
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