HIK Fabrication Skid Plate - E30 with M50/S52/S54 or M42 Engines

Extra-stout skid plate designed for severe duty

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The HIK Fabrication skid plate for E30 with an M50/M52/S50/S52/S54 swap is the strongest and most rugged design we have seen. This plate also has the holes to be used on the M42 16 valve E30 models as well (1989+). Numerous online testimonials back up the stout design for this piece and it was the only skid plate we wanted to offer for sale.

What makes this E30 skid plate so robust is the reinforcement bar that is welded to the frame rails. Other designs that are bolted to the subframe or core support and offer minimal protection. They are likely to flex and fold during a severe impact, cracking your oil pan. The HIK skid plate has much greater strength thanks to the reinforcing bar so that most* impacts will not ruin your race.

This kit requires welding brackets to your frame rails. The bar is then bolted to the brackets with supplied hardware. This allows the bar to be removed for normal service. Instructions are included.

* - nothing is indestructible. If you hit something that bends or breaks this steel tube you've already exceeded the protection any skid plate will provide.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E30 (84-91) > 318i
E30 (84-91) > 318is
E30 (84-91) > 325e
E30 (84-91) > 325es
E30 (84-91) > 325i
E30 (84-91) > 325is
E30 (84-91) > M3
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