Air Filter, OEM - G30 530i, X3/X4 30i

OEM-type replacement air filter to help optimize engine performance and efficiency. Replaces BMW part #13718577171

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Since the quality of the intake air has a direct affect on performance and efficiency it just makes sense to have a clean air filter. Clogged and dirty filters will prevent good airflow to the engine and the engine computer has no choice but to compensate. To help keep your engine running at its optimum best, always replace or clean your air filter once a year.

This is the OEM air filter for the B46 engine used in G30 530i, G01 X3, and G02 X4 30i. Mann is an original supplier to BMW for this filter as well as many other filters and related parts on your BMW. It comes with a two year warranty against defects. As an original supplier, Mann's filter products meet or exceed the requirements from BMW. They are engineered for the correct fit and filtration needs of your BMW engine.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
G30 (2017-) > 530i
G30 (2017-) > 530i xDrive
G30 (2017-) > 540i (B58A 2017-2019)
G30 (2017-) > 540i (B58C 2020-)
G30 (2017-) > 540i xDrive (B58C 2020-)
8 Series
G14 / G15 (2019+) > 840i xDrive
X3 Series
G01 X3 (2018+) > X3 xDrive30i
X4 Series
G02 X4 (2019+) > X4 xDrive30i
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