E46 Fuel Starvation Kit

Put an end to fuel starvation under hard cornering

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Our E46 Fuel Starvation Kit Fuel puts an end to the aggravating and potentially dangerous fuel starvation that can occur in sweeping right hand turns.

  • No more fuel starvation in sweeping corners
  • Fewer trips to the gas pumps and more usable fuel
  • Racers can remove 50lbs of unneeded fuel - run lighter and faster!
  • Retains factory fuel gauge
Updated November 2018 - We have now calibrated the kit to retain full factory fuel gauge function! Requires following the installation instructions exactly for cutting and splicing the wiring harness - you must read and follow the instructions (based on experience we have to point this out...).

The original E46 fuel system has the pump on the right side of the tank. That means in right hand turns the fuel is shifting to the left side and away from the pump! As speeds increase, starvation can sometimes occur even with more than 1/2 tank of fuel! Since most sweeping turns are high speed and starvation can be the same as lifting mid-corner, this can have disastrous results when driving the car at or near its limits. Additionally, starvation causes a lean condition in the engine which can lead to possible detonation and expensive engine damage. It also removes the troublesome Sucking Jet Pump from the tank.

Kit includes a new left-side supplementary fuel pump and sender, lines, fittings, wiring connectors, and instructions.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E46 (99-05) > 323Ci
E46 (99-05) > 323i
E46 (99-05) > 325Ci
E46 (99-05) > 325i
E46 (99-05) > 325xi
E46 (99-05) > 328Ci
E46 (99-05) > 328i
E46 (99-05) > 330Ci
E46 (99-05) > 330i
E46 (99-05) > 330xi
E46 (99-05) > M3
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