CSF Top Mount Charge Air Cooler & Fuel Rail (Billet) - G42 M240i, G20 M340i, G22/G26 M440i, Supra A90 (B58)

Double the capacity and race features to keep pace with tuning

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$4,299.00 – $4,599.00

  • Double the capacity of the stock charged air cooler
  • Bar & Plate design
  • Lower pressure drop compared to factory
  • Integrated sensor pad with 3 x 1/8" NPT ports
  • 1/8" NPT ports on each cylinder runner for nitrous or methanol injection
  • No modifications for install - accepts all factory connections and even beauty cover
The B58 engine needs this intake charge cooler if you're getting into serious tuning or track use.

The factory cooler is adequate for the expected usage of the car - regular street driving with the occasional full throttle runs. But remember that the engine computer is constantly evaluating and adjusting boost and torque output based on intake air temperature. Repeated hard use, especially in a track environment, will overwhelm the stock cooling system and lead to heat soak. Higher intake air temperatures will force the ECU to dial back timing and boost, dropping power output or causing limp mode.

The solution is a larger cooler but the B58 layout doesn't allow for a simple swap - the cooler is part of the intake manifold. CSF partnered with several well-known intake specialists to develop a new intake manifold with a cooler that has more surface area, capacity, and less pressure drop. More heat management means the cooler will keep intake air temps lower and for a longer time. It will also recover more quickly when heat saturated. The new top-mount cooler is still water cooled using all of the original connections but it can now handle more heat before the ECU steps in.

This is a direct replacement for the stock charge air cooler but also includes some additional features aimed at racers and tuners - external fuel rail, 1/8" NPT ports for nitrous or methanol, and a sensor pad with 1/8" NPT ports. All of these are optional and can be blocked off when not needed, meaning you can bolt this CSF cooler on for a 1:1 upgrade, experience the power gains and reliability, and then plan the rest of your build.

Available as raw aluminum, black, or any other custom color or finish you can think of.
The billet aluminum version will be limited in production before a cast version is released (likely 2022).

Brief intro from CSF and MotoIQ on the features and design (8:47):

Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance. This product is intended only for vehicles that may never be used, or registered or licensed for use, upon a public highway. Removing, disabling, or altering emissions equipment on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is illegal. Installing devices or software that trick, disable, or modify emissions controls and monitors on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is also illegal. This product is sold only for racing, competition, track, hobby, or other off-road use. It is not legal for installation or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicle. It is not legal for installation or use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle in any state, province, or jurisdiction governed by, or which has adopted, CARB or EPA regulations. Some suppliers have shipping exceptions to certain states or territories, requiring extra delivery time. We will advise you of any delays.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
G20 (2019+) > M340i
G20 (2019+) > M340i xDrive
4 Series
G22 / G22 (2021+) > M440i
G22 / G22 (2021+) > M440i xDrive
5 Series
G30 (2019+) > 540i
G30 (2019+) > 540i xDrive
X3 Series
G01 (2019+) > X3 M40i
X4 Series
G02 (2019+) > X4 M40i
Z Series
G29 (2019+) > Z4 M40i
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