Upper Intake Manifold Adjusting Unit (DISA Valve), Rein - E90 330i, E82 128i, E9X 328i N51, 530i, X3, X5

Replacement Upper DISA valve to restore torque and performance. Replaces BMW #11617560538

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This is the upper DISA valve located in the intake manifold of the N52 engine in the E90 330i, E83 X3 3.0si, and E86 Z4 3.0si, as well as the N51 engine in the SULEV E82 128i and E9X 328i. DISA is "Differential Intake Air Control", also known as variable length intake runners. It's a flap system that redirects the intake air inside the manifold depending on load and RPM. The N52O has two DISA valves - upper and lower. This part is the upper valve, located under the intake runners and it works at high RPM. At low and mid RPM the upper flap is closed which helps boost low and mid-range torque. At high RPM the flap is open all the way which provides the most air volume for high RPM power. A faulty upper DISA valve will cause the engine to feel sluggish or unresponsive in the upper RPM. There is no fault code for the DISA valve itself, although several related faults and check engine lights may be traced back to it - fuel trim, misfires, lean condition, and fuel mixture. There may also be a clicking sound from the driver's side of the engine bay as the DISA solenoid tries to operate the butterfly flap. The o-ring seal on the outside of the valve body can also fail and lead to vacuum leaks.

This is a N52 DISA valve manufactured by Rein Automotive - an original supplier to BMW for many intake and engine parts. As an OEM it meets all of BMW's original design, fitment, and performance requirements and is TUV approved. OEM parts are the best alternative to more expensive Original BMW parts because they are virtually identical without the inflated price tag. This part has a two year warranty.

BMW Fitments:

1 Series
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 128i
3 Series
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > 328i
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > 328xi
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > 330i
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > 330xi
X3 Series
E83 X3 (04-10) > X3 3.0si N52 (2007-2010)
X5 Series
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 3.0si
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