Wagner Evo I Competition Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) - Z4 35i

Lightweight version of the Evo I Performance Intercooler

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Discontinued by Wagner. See below for alternatives.

  • This item is no longer available.


The Evo I Competition design has been removed from the Wagner catalog. No direct replacement has been announced. Here are some alternatives:
Wagner Evo II Competition: more surface area and capacity
Wagner Evo I Competition (from 135i/335i): this FMIC from the other N54 models will also fit the Z4

The Wagner Competition intercooler is very similar to their Performance line of heat exchangers for the E89 Z4 35i/35is but has a lighter construction for better performance on track and silicone hoses for better flow.

The Competition intercooler is built with a tube and fin layout which trades surface area for lighter weight. Tube and fin designs have fewer channels for the air and thinner materials. This makes the entire unit lighter - 14.3lbs vs 19.8lbs. There is less heat soak capability so this is not the best intercooler for traffic jams but cools just as well when driving at speed. Where pounds count and the car is always moving - such as in a race environment - the Competition intercooler is the better option.

Ready for more boost in your E89 Z4 35i/35is? Not without a bigger intercooler! The stock BMW intercooler on the E89 Z4 35i/35is is decent enough for maintaining intake air temps on a stock engine (though there's still room for improvement). But adding more boost will raise intake air temps and lead to fuel and timing adjustments that could actually reduce power levels! If your N54 turbo upgrades are not living up to expectations it could be the rest of your system letting your down.

The Wagner Intercooler for the E89 Z4 35i/35is is larger to take advantage of the surface area on the front of the E89. It uses a stepped design to maximize surface area. With more surface area comes more cooling capability and the Wagner has 85% larger area for 60% more air volume compared to the stock intercooler. CAD and FEA design has optimized the air flow into and out of the heat exchanger thanks to turbulator fins and cast aluminum endtanks. There is less pressure drop than stock which means air velocity stays high.

One of the best attributes of Wagner intercoolers is their direct fit installation on the E89 models. The bumper does not have to be removed or modified and the Evo I fits with the stock intercooler connectors and hoses. Wagner uses a durable anti-corrosive coating that also helps dissipate heat. Installation instructions are included.

Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance. This product is intended only for vehicles that may never be used, or registered or licensed for use, upon a public highway. Removing, disabling, or altering emissions equipment on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is illegal. Installing devices or software that trick, disable, or modify emissions controls and monitors on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is also illegal. This product is sold only for racing, competition, track, hobby, or other off-road use. It is not legal for installation or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicle. It is not legal for installation or use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle in any state, province, or jurisdiction governed by, or which has adopted, CARB or EPA regulations. Some suppliers have shipping exceptions to certain states or territories, requiring extra delivery time. We will advise you of any delays.

BMW Fitments:

Z Series
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35i
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35is
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