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Throttle Body & Idle Control

Air entering the engine is monitored by the airflow sensor/HFM but how much air is controlled by the throttle body, which is connected to your gas pedal. Press the gas pedal down further and a butterfly valve opens wider in the throttle body. Cars from about 1999 use an electronic throttle valve and drive-by-wire electronics. On these models if the throttle body or throttle actuator fails the throttle will not open at all. Your engine's idle speed and smoothness are controlled either by the throttle body or with an idle control valve (ICV). The ICV is like an extra throttle body that allows a certain amount of air into the engine. Obviously any problems with either the throttle body or the ICV will affect engine drivability and smoothness. When looking for rough idle or poor throttle performance always check the air intake boots for cracks or damage. Use our SEARCH BY MODEL feature to filter these items for your BMW.

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Throttle Cable - E34 525i Sedan and Wagon (1991-1995)

Genuine BMW Part Number 35411160609 / 35-41-1-160-609

Price: $36.80

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Throttle Body Gasket, Victor-Reinz - E39, E60, E63, E38, E65, E53, E70

Seals throttle body to intake manifold. Direct replacement for BMW part #13547510433.

Price: $8.99

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Idle Air Control Valve Hose, CRP - E30 318i M42

Common source of intake & vacuum leaks, poor idle, rough running, and lean condition codes. Replaces BMW part #13411721972

Price: $10.99

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Additional Air Slide Valve For Idle Control - E21 320i (1975-1979)

Genuine BMW Part Number 13631362597 / 13-63-1-362-597

Price: $176.34

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Accelerator Bowden Cable - Z3 1.9 Roadster (1996-1998)

Genuine BMW Part Number 35411162972 / 35-41-1-162-972

Price: $46.70

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Throttle Position Switch, M10 & M30 Engine - E30 E28 E24 E23 E32

OEM Bosch Throttle Valve Switch with rectangular plug

Price: $95.40

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Throttle Body Gasket/Seal - M42 Engine - E30 E36 318is 318i 318ti

OEM-quality rubber gasket for sealing throttle body to intake manifold

Price: $2.48

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Cable for ASC Traction Control - E36 3-series and Z3 (1994-2000)

Original BMW Bowden Cable for ASC+T stability control system.

Price: $32.23

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Throttle Body Assembly, VDO - N51 SULEV & N52 Engines (2007-2013)

OEM motorized throttle body for cars with N51 SULEV or N52 6-cylinder engine  

Price: $292.55

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Genuine BMW S54 Throttle Actuator Pull Rod - 13547839073

Replace your worn or broken throttle actuator linkage rod with this factory BMW replacement

Price: $28.99

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ICV Air Hose - Idle Valve to Manifold - E36 318i 318is (1992-1994)

Original BMW Air Hose for outlet side of ICV (Idle Control Valve)

Price: $29.24

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ICV Air Hose - Intake Bellows to Valve - E34 525i (1991-1992)

Original BMW rubber air hose fir inlet side of the ICV (Idle Control Valve)

Price: $13.02

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