MCS Remote Reservoir Coil Over Shock Set - E9X M3

Race-winning damper sets for the ultimate in extreme street to professional-level race performance

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$5,830.00 – $7,650.00

Full Kits Available! 
Complete assembled coil overs available! 
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The BimmerWorld View: Remote Reservoir dampers for the E9X M3 are a premium coilover shock with tremendous capability for performance, comfort, and durability. Remote systems have higher thresholds for abuse and more adjustments than premium Non-Remote dampers. A Remote system can be used at any level and experience - from improving ride quality on street to the highest level of professional motorsport. Remotes have immense versatility, compatible with a wide range of spring rates, and may be the last damper set you ever buy.

While a Non-Remote receives many of the same components and design as a Remote, there are still advantages when moving to a Remote system. Remote reservoir shocks separate the compression and rebound damping into two cylinders - rebound in the main shock body and compression in the remote canister. A Remote system is like having two monotube shocks and nearly double the oil and gas capacity. At its core, the increased capacity allows the damper to perform across a broader performance spectrum. A Non-Remote has a smaller defined range where it's optimal and a Remote simply expands the range making it more adaptable and more capable. Whereas any Non-Remote can be working too hard and lead to overheating and loss of pressure, the Remote is still working within its limits.

The Remote dampers are also well-suited for an impressive range of spring rates. We've run Remotes on the street with "sport" rates, upgraded to MCS from other coilover brands without changing springs, and even made big jumps in spring rate, all without having to re-valve the shocks. The damping rates have been plotted to be distinct and useful, not just an X% change from the clicks around it. The Nitrogen pressure inside the reservoir can also be varied from 100-275 PSI - higher pressures can support cars with high downforce so you can run a softer spring than usual.

E9X M3 MCS Remotes are offered in 2-way or 3-way -

2-Way / Double Adjustable. Rebound (18 clicks) and Compression (18 clicks). 
MCS 2W are incredibly versatile with truly unique damping rates. The 2W is an excellent starting point that is tame enough to use on the street and is compatible with a wide range of spring rates. Expect a 2WR to have a higher threshold for heat absorption and performance for longer stints than a 2WNR - a great option for everyday use on bumpy streets as well as endurance racers who need more headroom than a Non Remote.

3-Way / Triple Adjustable. Rebound (18 clicks), High Speed Compression (18 clicks), Low Speed Compression (10 clicks). 
The 3WR retains the rebound adjustments but separates the compression into low-speed and high-speed adjustments. High speed is fast shock piston velocities (>5in/second) such as bumpy pavement, sharp impacts and curbs, and some fast transition corners. The low-speed adjustment is immensely useful - adjust damping to settle the car under braking, turn-in, cornering, and exit. Each click in the low speed is a true change in the damping characteristics. The 3WR gives you options so you can find solutions rather than compromises. The 3WR is usually our first recommendation for any full BMW track build.

A 4-way Quad Adjustable is available by request.

Can I run rear coil over in E9X M3? No one has done independent lab testing of the loads the rear shock towers can take. However, in our experience the rear shock towers are sufficiently reinforced from the factory that no additional reinforcement is needed. Especially if running softer springs and street tires. However, for any regular track use we would like to see a cage or half-cage in the car anyway. These usually tie into the shock towers and add thickness and rigidity.

Rear coil over may not be possible or ideal in certain situations. The coil over arrangement takes up space in the wheel well (which may affect rear tire sizing). Rear coil overs are inverted and may create other clearance issues. Running inverted exposes the shock rod to more debris. Separated (divorced) rear springs is more common because it maintains the traditional and familiar layout and avoids the potential drawbacks. It's also slightly less expensive.

Read Me: shocks (dampers) are one powerful tool in your toolbox. The more adjustments and features the more powerful the tool becomes. Combine MCS dampers with other components to give you a larger and more useful toolbox - camber plates, adjustable control arms, sway bars, data logging, and more will exponentially increase your performance capability. As a BimmerWorld customer we provide you with a baseline setup as well as tuning advice and support after the sale. Adjustable dampers can be used with a "set-it-and-forget-it" baseline, however, to best optimize your car for conditions we encourage you to identify problems, make adjustments, evaluate data, and keep notes. And have fun.

Our MCS remote dampers are a complete shock set, ready for your springs, camber plates, and other accessories.

Related Items: this is a “starter package” of dampers that form the basis of a custom coil over build. You will also need: 
Springs (2.25", 60mm ID, or 2.5") 
Front camber plates (sized correctly for the MCS struts and springs) 
Adjustable sway bar links 
Quick-Disconnect hose fitting (optional but strongly recommended)

All components are Made in the USA and all service is performed on site near Atlanta, GA. This is an immense and overlooked feature of high-end motorsport shocks. Quick and accessible service and technical support is included with every MCS product.

We encourage your questions and inquires. We can build a package for you after consultation and cannot be compared on price alone. 
We have a best price guarantee on all MCS packages - show us a competitor's quote and we'll beat it!

BMW Fitments: 

1 Series
E82 (11-12) > 1M (11-12)
3 Series
E90 / E92 / E93 (08-13) > M3

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