Front Left V3 Direct Drive Disc, Performance Friction - E36 M3

New V3 Direct Drive discs feature a patented retention ring - no more bobbins!

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PFC Direct Drive V3 Rotors are premium two-piece floating rotors designed to work with your stock E36 M3 calipers and braking system!

Performance Friction's advanced V3 design features a patented attachment design that uses a retention ring that holds the hat and disc together, meaning there's no longer any need for torque wrenches, and there's no hassle with replacements. 

Not only does the V3 design give you the ability to change a disc quickly and efficiently, the new V3 technology also makes these rotors much lighter than previous designs, which were already impressively light - less unsprung weight is always a good thing! This V3 rotor retention method is based on the use of a two-turn retaining ring, which is held in a groove in the hat that overlaps the rotor flanges—effectively locking the rotor to the hat.

Performance Friction’s higher precision and tolerances give you a rotor that will reduce drag, eliminate pulsation and vibration, and reduce heat transfer. Plus, wear rate is greatly reduced as well! Direct Drive V3 rotors are over two pounds lighter per rotor with a dimpled finish that performs similar to slotted discs but without any increase in wear.
  • Made from high-carbon alloy with copper and molybdenum for high-temperature strength and stability
  • Vanes (all 47) are turned on both ID and OD surfaces to reduce thermal warping and vibration
  • Runout of less than 0.0005" and thickness variation less than 0.0002" to reduce pulsing and vibration
  • Surface finish less than 0.7 microns
  • Advanced V3 two-turn retaining ring

Direct Drive rotors require a higher initial investment versus BMW Motorsport or floating rotors due to their superior quality, but the service cost of replacing the rotors are very similar.

Note: V3 discs are NOT compatible with V2 replacement discs!

We recommend using ONLY Performance Friction pads in conjunction with Direct Drive rotors.*

Prices are per SINGLE rotor. Includes fully assembled hat, directional rotor and Direct Drive mounting hardware.

* Some aftermarket and OEM brake pad manufacturers have a taller profile than Performance Friction pads. We have noticed these taller profile pads coming too close to the bottom of the friction area of the disc, which can create a stress riser causing premature fatigue of the disc. When cold, there must be 2 mm of space between the bottom of the pad and the bottom of the friction disc where the fingers meet the friction area. As the rotor gets hot and expands, this space will diminish. To reduce the chance of this issue arising, we recommend using only Performance Friction pads with Direct Drive rotors.

    Made in USA

    BMW Fitments:

    3 Series
    E36 (92-99) > M3 (1995)
    E36 (92-99) > M3 (96-99)
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