SSP SPEC-R DCT Full Upgrade Package - F8X M2/M3/M4, E9X M3 135i 335is

Take your 7-speed dual clutch transmission to the next level with SSP's full DCT package, featuring 16-plate improved clutches and heavy duty output baskets.

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Experience the Full SSP DCT Clutch Package! This kit includes the 16 disc clutch upgrade components and adds to that heavy duty output baskets as well as a stainless steel lifetime DCT filter unit. The combination of these parts provides a MASSIVE increase in torque handling capacity when compared to the stock DCT clutch stack, and is the next step beyond SSP's standard 16-disc upgrade. 

The stock DCT clutch pack limits the ability to grab and hold power. When the S55 is tuned to higher power or tracked hard, increased wear leads to unintended slipping and premature failure. DCT shifting problems and frequent DCT clutch failure makes for costly replacements. SSP's 16 disc clutch upgrade dramatically improves this, but for the ultimate DCT upgrade, this kit provides a no compromises solution. It goes more than one step further, by replacing the output baskets with specially designed and heat-treated units, as well as improving the DCT filtration with a 35 micron filter, more suitable for extreme conditions. 

The clutch discs themselves have been engineered for a smooth engagement*, so that drivability is not sacrificed. Once installed, the full SSP SPEC-R clutch stack needs only a minimal amount of break-in time, reducing downtime after the work is performed. This is a must for competition cars, where long break-in times complicate maintenance between events. The transmission will need to go through a relearning procedure, which will require advanced service software, and be ready for hard use after a very short amount of break in time. * - all driving should be done in Manual modes as the Auto modes do not generate enough pressure for proper engagement. 

BMW DCT Applications:
This complete solution is designed for the GS7D36SG DCT transmission found in the F80 M3 DCT, F82 M4 DCT, F87 M2 DCT (including M2 Competition DCT), the E9X M3 DCT, E9X 335i DCT, and E82 135i DCT. The SSP SPEC-R full package is compatible with all these models, spanning model years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. 

What's Included:
The SPEC-R full package includes: 
 - Heavy Duty Heat-Treated Output Basket (Gears 1, 3, 5, 7)
 - Heavy Duty Heat-Treated Output Basket (Gears 2, 4, 6) 
 - 8 large heavy-duty friction discs
 - 8 small heavy-duty friction discs
 - 14 heavy-duty steel plates (7 large, 7 small)
 - One Life Time Stainless Filter, 35 micron

The BimmerWorld View: While the less expensive clutches-only kit we offer is generally fine for most street/track applications, this more complete package from SSP elevates the 7-speed DCT to the level a very heavily tracked car needs to be at. While decidedly a higher priced package, this kit is the best value for a dedicated track or race car, where the best design and premium construction pays off in performance and long-term operational costs. If you are using a DCT M2, M3, or M4 competitively, or have extreme power modifications, this is simply the best kit on the market, shy of changing the transmission out to a much more expensive full-race sequential gearbox. Important note: these should only be used with the Manual shift modes in DCT. The Auto modes do not generate enough shift pressure for proper engagement and will slip too much. 

BMW Fitments:
1 Series
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135i N54 (08-10)
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135i N55 (11-13)
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135is N55 (11-13)
2 Series
F87 (2016-2021) > M2 Competition S55 (2019+)
F87 (2016-2021) > M2 N55 (2016-2018)
3 Series
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > 335is N54
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > M3
3 Series
F80 (2015-2018) > M3 (2015-2018)
4 Series
F82 / F83 (2015-2020) > M4 (2015-2020)
F82 / F83 (2015-2020) > M4 GT4
F82 / F83 (2015-2020) > M4 GTS
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