AiM PDM08 Power Module and Logger with 10" Road/Race Display

Consolidate basic electrical power and logging in one central module! Can display dash warning lights like a street car.

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Consolidate, simplify, and add reliability!

Power management, sensor logging, and GPS are now in one central module. The AiM PDM08 replaces your fuse box with a solid state power module capable of handling your BMW race car's simple electrical system needs. Ditch the fuses, relays, and questionable connections in the fuse box. The PDM08 is the smaller and simpler version of the larger PDM32 and is intended for more basic electrical and data demands (vintage cars or bare minimum race builds). The PDM08 is standard equipment on the Ariel Atom IV. The AiM PDM is solid state for state-of-the-art power demands. You can also run your analog and digital sensors through the PDM to replace the AiM EVO4S and EVO5 standalone data loggers. And output all of your data to a 10" dash display unit (included!). It looks simple but this is what professional teams and builders aspire to use.

This version is intended for road or race use and includes original-style dash warning lights along the bottom of the screen (Check Engine, oil pressure, battery voltage, etc).

Power Module Features:
8 High Side 15A Outputs
120A max current
6 Analog/Digital inputs
2 Speed inputs
Optional remote button panel or switch harness available
Multicolor LED status for open circuit, short circuit, high temperature, over current, under voltage and over voltage
Inrush current, number of fault retries, and the time between retries are all definable
Configure features in AiM RaceStudio
Dimensions: 161 x 100.6 x 50.6 mm (6.34 x 3.96 x 1.99 in), 761g (
Harness Connection: 35-pin AMP connector x 1
12v Power Connection: Amphenol Surlok connector

Data Logging Features:
4 gigabytes memory
ECU hardwire connection
Internal 9 axis EMU
GPS antenna included (4 meter interior mount cable)
Digital/Analog inputs
Supports Expansion Hubs
Logs sensor AND electrical data - analog inputs, digital inputs, ECU channels, GPS values, electrical currents, and status of all power outputs
Harness Connection: 35-pin AMP connector x 1
Camera Connection: none

Digital Display Features:
Vivid TFT display
2 meter display cable to connect to PDM
Fully customizable in AiM RaceStudio
Compatible with rearview mirror cam (sold separately)
Harness Connection: 4-pin Rosenberger connector

This is just one kit configuration. PDM08 does not support AiM SmartyCam connection without an Expansion Hub. Other kits are available with different GPS cable lengths. Also available without the Dash Display (power and logging only). Contact us for details.

When engineering the PDM, AiM intended for the car to be built around the electrical and data. This means all new chassis wiring and connections with no interference from existing poor connections or modules. To do it right you will need new connectors for your sensors and electrical points.
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