Lifeline LED Rain Light for FIA SCCA BMW NASA AER ChampCar

Extremely bright FIA approved LED rain light

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The BimmerWorld View - This Lifeline rain light is the clear industry leader, insanely bright and extremely rugged. With the number of cars competing in endurance races, this should be a standard on your racecar - if it isn't already required. Rain and night visibility is difficult at best, and we have spent thousands fixing cars that another driver "didn't see" in tough conditions. Your race car is an investment and this is a a small but impactful step in protecting it.

Club racing and amateur series have begun mandating rain lights. The Lifeline light was originally developed for international and national motorsport under FIA regulations. Don't settle for anything but the best for this critical piece of safety gear. In our view these should be mandatory equipment for any night race, especially on a track with little to no lighting. Flashing rain lights can be useful in other scenarios besides rain or foggy conditions, such as when stalled on the grid, driving slowly with a misfire or puncture, or during a safety car or red flag period to aid in visibility and prevent impact.

With a light output of 3269cd (more than 3.5x than some competitors), this light is intensely bright and extremely visible.  The 4Hz flash mode meets FIA standards, flashing between full power and 40% to ensure constant visibility. When this light is on there is no mistaking it for anything else!

The light is designed to accept common vehicle voltage (9v-14v). No switch is included but it's pre-wired and ready for install into your harness.

Main features:
  • Extremely high brightness
  • Light weight
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust
  • Submersible / Waterproof
  • Vibration resistant
  • Overheat protected
  • Replaceable protective screen

Number of LEDs: 11
Number of Circuits: 3
View Angle: +/- 20 deg
Light Output: 3269Cd Average
Operating Temperature: -25 to + 60 degC
Install Hardware: M6 Bolt
Dimensions: 62x100x21.5mm
Weight: 230g
Power Supply: External 9 to 14 Vdc
Power Consumption: 8.4W, 700mA @12v
Flash: 4Hz
FIA Homologation No: MSA/RWL/36/14

Important Series Note: There are different requirements depending on the series for the mounting and behavior of the rain light. Some require it to flash all the time while others require a solid light under different circumstances such as braking. If you have a car that runs in multiple series you may need to make hardware changes to meet the rules (don't forget to check before the event). In addition to your switch you will also need a relay that meets the requirements of your series. See below for our recommended solutions for controlling your Lifeline rain light.
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