Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 3.0kg Electric Fire System

Mid-high end electrical system with Novec gas

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  • Novec 1230 liquid>gas suppressant
  • Advanced, feature-packed, high capacity fire system
  • Electrical trigger
  • 3.0kg bottle*
  • 5 Nozzles (2 Straight, 3 Double Z)
  • Kink-proof flexible line (no more tube bending!)
  • FIA Tech List 16 approved

Novec suppresses fire by removing (absorbing) heat and blocking oxygen. It starts as a liquid but is atomized into a heavy gas as it exits the nozzle and the fog travels to all surfaces. The vapor alone is enough to suppress flame as it expands. This means you can do more with less - it does not require as much material so your bottle can be smaller (less weight). Novec is not harmful to electronics or humans and is non-corrosive. Clean-up is super easy as the material evaporates and there is no residue left behind. To learn more about fire systems and suppressants, click here for our Tech Page.

Electric systems are activated by pressing a strategically-mounted momentary push button. Using a military specification actuator to detonate the extinguisher, the actuator extends a steel pin, breaking a thin seal in the neck of the cylinder and discharging the contents. There is a test feature with the electric trigger that allows the system to simulate the trigger in a test mode. All electrical systems use a 9V battery as the only power source. Only name brand 6LR61 9V battery must be used (inferior batteries may not trigger the system).

Kit includes:
1 x Power module
1 x Power and actuator harness
2 x Push buttons with aluminum shrouds
1 x Bottle mounting bracket and straps
5 x Nozzles (2 Straight Inlet, 3 Double Z)
1 x 8mm T-connector
1 x 8mm cross-connector
6 meters of 8mm coated flexible braided line
1 x 8mm bulkhead fitting
10 x tube clips
1 x decal pack

* - the 3.0kg size is the largest size for Novec and is recommended for production, touring car, and rally applications. It is a larger capacity than a 5lb system but consult your series or sanctioning body for clarification on the metric vs imperial size.

Battery Note: the electrical trigger requires a 6LR61 9V battery - the highest-quality and the least internal resistance. Only use reputable brands such as GP Ultra, Duracell, Rayovac, or Energizer. Not all 9V batteries are the same! Our research has found 9V batteries labeled 6LR61 are the best. These can be found at most hardware and big box stores or see Related Items below. If you order online, double-check that 6LR61 is supplied (some vendors will advertise it but send something different). Disconnect your 9V battery between events, bring spare(s), and replace the battery annually.

“Novec” is a brand name owned by 3M and will be discontinued by 2025. The gas itself is still available from European suppliers but will not be marketed under the Novec brand name. It's the same molecular composition and fire suppression performance, just under different name(s).

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