BimmerWorld E46 Coupe Roll Cage Kit with X Door Bars

Precision-manufactured rollcage for Spec E46 and all other E46 Coupes

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We put this cage kit together to provide everyone with a premium, properly designed, light weight, efficient, and realistically affordable full cage for E46 cars.

The BimmerWorld / RCI premium roll cage kit is like nothing else on the market. Our cage meets all rules and regulations for BMW CCA, NASA, SCCA, ICSCC and others. Initially computer designed and modeled from the foundation of BimmerWorld's years of racing the E46 chassis and RCI's cage design and production expertise, this is the strongest, lightest weight roll cage kit we can produce for Spec E46 or any other E46 coupe, including M3. Brought to life with precision manufacturing, including CNC benders and coping of the ends, the fit and finish of this roll cage is on par with only the highest-end custom cages, and at a fraction of the cost! You simply cannot approach the precision and fitment of this cage for this amount of money. All backing plates and tubes are ready for installation with no additional bending, grinding or finishing. The ends of the tubes are coped (notched) for correct fitment. The time has been spent to provide a premium cage and not a low cost budget cage with shortcuts and compromises.

The cage installation begins with two main hoop locating brackets bolted to the B-pillar, install your main hoop with the brackets as a guide, then the rest of the cage is indexed off of the main hoop. A typical cage or fabrication shop can install this kit in 35-40 hours, not including initial car prep, which you can probably do yourself. This is perfect for a shop or experienced at-home welder since all of the time consuming design process and fabrication has been completed for you.

We designed this kit with a modern anti-intrusion X-brace on both doors. This design element is safer than "NASCAR-style" bars that are often incorrectly incorporated into the structure to make them properly functional. The fully gusseted cross-brace design protrudes into the door cavity (requires removing window mechanism and gutting doors) for side impact protection as well as maximizing driver impact space. Additional bars add both impact and rollover safety as well as chassis rigidity, giving you the best core for your winning car build. Beyond safety, a properly built chassis is the backbone of a winning racecar!

Note - Given the age and condition of many of the donor vehicles in the market, basic fabrication skills may be required for the installation of this custom roll cage kit to account for minor nuances from vehicle to vehicle. The prep cannot be too good - so much depends on the condition and preparation to have a successful chassis build. A properly and well-planned base chassis can have a real positive effect on your lap time.


  • 8-Point Custom Cage Kit specifically designed for E46 coupes, and ideal for Spec E46 racecars
  • Engineered to allow for the final post-fitment welding of most of the cage kit outside of the car - required to achieve 360° welds in multiple extremely tight areas
  • 34 cage tubes - all required tubes are 1.75" x 0.095" DOM tubing, supplementary tubes in 1.5" x 0.065" and 1.25" x 0.065" to minimize weight
  • 4-bend A-pillar bars that maximize headroom for the tallest drivers and undergo post-production fitment in a QA fixture due to the extremely tight fitment requirements
  • Laser cut and fully-formed plates to perfectly fit the E46 coupe - 12 backing plates, 4 perches, 2 locating brackets, 4 tube gussets, 4 X-brace taco gussets
  • Dash tube is designed to work with or without the factory HVAC system
  • Included optional steering mount bracket allows you to eliminate the factory dash bar and bolt the steering column back in place with vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Installation guide with over 50 pictures and 7 detailed schematics
  • All tubes and plates come with part numbers that correspond to the schematics in the manual

On the fence? Need a straight answer or a nudge in the right direction? Drop us a line or email. We'll discuss cage decisions from a safety-first perspective, not a sales pitch.

Shipping Note - This cage requires freight delivery. Website shipping amounts are estimates and may require adjustment. If necessary you will be contacted to discuss options.

BMW Fitments:
3 Series
E46 (99-05) > 323Ci
E46 (99-05) > 325Ci
E46 (99-05) > 328Ci
E46 (99-05) > 330Ci
E46 (99-05) > M3
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