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KONI Sport Yellow Adjustable Front Shock - E30 318i 325e 325i

The best KONI shock for lowering springs with adjustable rebound (for 51mm front strut housing)

Spring Fever! Price includes 20% OFF for a limited time!

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KONI Yellow Sport front strut insert for the late-E30 318i/325e/325i (51mm housing) is designed for sport/lowered springs and features digressive valving combined with two-position adjustable rebound. Digressive valving is stiffer than OEM shocks on slow suspension motions (cornering) but gets softer as shock piston speeds increase (bumpy pavement). This shock is tuned for sporty handling but engineered to maintain a level of ride comfort acceptable to most. The adjustable Sport shock has more control and is tuned for higher performance than the self-adjusting FSD shock.

The shock rebound (extension) is adjustable - use the base setting at first and as the shock ages you can switch to the stiffer setting. Or jump right to the stiffer setting for ultimate control. Rebound adjustment is done via a knob at the top of the strut (in the engine bay). Shock travel has been optimized for lowered springs such as Eibach or H&R but can also be used with stock springs if more ride control is your only goal.

KONI Sports Feature:

  • Adjustable rebound settings by turning a knob
  • Significant handling improvement
  • Reasonable ride quality
  • Re-buildable for custom vehicle setups
  • Best KONl shock for all lowering springs
  • Lifetime Warranty

This KONI E30 front shock uses all of the factory mounts, bump stops, and dust covers. We suggest new mounts and bump stops if yours have more than 50,000 miles.

E30 KONI 1210 versus 1021 front struts: KONI makes the Sport in two different lengths, better optimized for the spring you intend to run. The 1210 is the shorter of the two struts and should only be used with sport/lowered springs. The shorter length does a better job of keeping a sport spring in place when the car is raised and the suspension droops. The 1021 has a longer extended length that works better with taller stock springs. The 1210 is the preferred choice for a stock E30 M3 and 318is/325es/325is due to the shorter factory spring, however, the 1021 can also be used.

With a lifetime warranty these are the likely the last shocks you will ever need to purchase.

Click here for KONI shock adjustment procedures.

BMW Fitments:
3 Series
E30 (84-91) > 318i
E30 (84-91) > 325e
E30 (84-91) > 325i
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