Front Offset Strut Mount - E30, E28, E34, E24

Offset for more negative camber

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This front upper strut mount has the bearing mounted off-center which can give more negative camber to the front of E30 318i/325e/325i and M3 models. More front negative camber will help in handling and steering. This mount adds of -0.5° negative camber. BMW used to call this the "crash mount" because it was originally intended to fix camber issues on cars that had front collision damage. Lucky for us the mount can also be used in other cars as a factory camber upgrade.

The upper strut mount locates the top of the front shock to the chassis of the car and fits all types of stock front struts (Bilstein, Koni, Boge, Sachs, etc.). The strut mount needs replacement when dirt and debris get into the bearings or the lubricating grease is used up, which will make the bearing noisy and sloppy. It's not unusual to find small cracks in the rubber but large separation of the bearing and rubber will need immediate replacement. This upper strut bearing is a Genuine BMW part with a two year warranty. Priced per mount.

  • Great choice for street cars - no added NVH
  • -0.5° camber 
  • Increased front end grip and better handling
  • Fits all E30s except iX, and 5-series

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E30 (84-91) > 318i
E30 (84-91) > 318is
E30 (84-91) > 325e
E30 (84-91) > 325es
E30 (84-91) > 325i
E30 (84-91) > 325is
E30 (84-91) > M3
5 Series
E28 (82-88) > 524td
E28 (82-88) > 528e
E28 (82-88) > 533i
E28 (82-88) > 535i
E28 (82-88) > M5 (87-88)
5 Series
E34 (89-95) > 525i M50
6 Series
E24 (77-89) > 633CSi
E24 (77-89) > 635CSi
E24 (77-89) > M6
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