BimmerWorld-MCS Coil Over Package - F8X M2/M3/M4

Premium, ultra high performance suspension for street, track, or mixed-use

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Complete "turn key" & ready to use ultra high performance coil over package for F87 M2 Competition, F80 M3, and F82 M4. With this package you get all of our "go-to" hardware for a custom coil over built for the street but capable for track use. We're opening the playbook on our own project cars here.

+ MCS 1-Way Non-Remote dampers
+ Hyperco springs (Street or Track sets)
+ Ground Control camber plates and spring perches
+ BimmerWorld hardware
+ BimmerWorld front adjustable sway bar links
+ Powerflex sway bar bushings

This package is configured with F8X MCS 1-Way Non-Remote coil overs (1WNR) which is a single adjustable damper with 18 clicks of rebound adjustment. The 1WNR uses all of the same motorsport technology and materials as the more advanced 2W/3W/4W dampers but this package is aimed specifically at street cars that want track-ready hardware. Set your rebound to fine-tune ride comfort while still having more track capability than the majority of "clubsport" suspensions out there. We carefully chose spring rates for their intended use - Street Performance rates to use with DOT-R tires that achieves a surprisingly comfortable ride for most street use. Our Track Performance package is aimed at cars that see very little time on the street and have migrated to slick tires and added aero.

Front M2/M3/M4 camber plates, rear upper mounts, and rear articulating spring perches complete the mount package. The Ground Control camber plates feature premium materials including a double bearing design. Camber and caster are adjusted independently, allowing quick and easy changes between street and track. BMW changed the bolt pattern on the front mounts midway through production - select a 3-bolt or 5-bolt mount using the menu above. The rear articulating spring perches allow the spring to maintain an optimum alignment through its entire travel, providing a consistent response and spring rate. They are also height adjusters, allowing quick ride height and corner-balance adjustments even while the suspension is under load.

We include a set of Powerflex urethane front sway bar bushings with this package. We found that the stock F8X bushings do not allow correct bar rotation when you reach a certain ride height. The factory bushings are bonded to the bar and need to be permanently removed. The Powerflex bushings are the perfect replacement - direct fit for the stock bar, serviceable, and higher performance.

Compared with other kits on the market this package is more complete and with components that we feel meet a higher standard. Not a warmed-over street coil over kit. And not a pretend racing damper with disappointing results. These are all components that are a step above the other kits we have seen at the track and in our shop.

All components available separately or allow us to custom-tailor a kit for you. Also available with 2-Way, 3-Way, or 4-Way dampers (contact for package quote).

Suggested Additions:
Track wheel set
Front Precision Bearing upgrade or SPL control arms
Rear SPL control arms

BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (19-21) > M2 Competition
3 Series
F80 (15-19) > M3
4 Series
F82 (15-21) > M4
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