Front Outer Ball Joint, Meyle - F25 X3, F26 X4

Fresh ball joint to restore ride comfort and steering precision.. Replacement for BMW part #31106787665

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This is the outer ball joint for the front tension struts on F25 X3 and F26 X4 models. The tension strut is also known as the thrust arm, upper control arm, or pull rod, and is the forward-most control arm on the F25/F26 chassis. The outer ball joint can be replaced separate from the thrust arm on these models but there is also an inner bushing to be replaced as well (see links below).

Worn X3 ball joints will affect the ride, handling, and steering of the car and can also cause clunking noises and vibrations. To restore steering precision and taught handling, replace the tension strut ball joint at the first sign of wear.

This part is manufactured by an aftermarket supplier of European auto parts, including many suspension components. While not carrying OEM status, this part follows the design of the original very closely and uses similar materials. An aftermarket part may even have the same TUV approval as its OEM counterpart. The brand may even be OEM to another manufacturer besides BMW. This aftermarket brand has a four year warranty - better than Genuine BMW and OEM brands.

BMW Fitments:

X3 Series
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 sDrive28i
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive28d Diesel
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive28i
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive35i
X4 Series
F26 X4 (2015-2018) > X4 28i xDrive
F26 X4 (2015-2018) > X4 35i xDrive
F26 X4 (2015-2018) > X4 M40i xDrive
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