Front Tension Strut Bushings (FCAB), Powerflex - F10 5-series, F06/F12/F13 6-series xDrive AWD

Offset bushing adds caster and camber, further improving handling and steering. Replacement for BMW part #31126777653

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Powerflex urethane bushings replace the failure-prone rubber hydrobearing on the F10 528xi/535xi/550xi and F06/F12/F13 640xi/650xi models. These urethane bushings have an offset orientation which adds 0.5° more caster to the front alignment (as well as a small increase in negative camber). This will slightly increase stability by making the wheel return to center with more force as well as improve handling. These are a great performance alternative to the stock bushings, BMW part #31126777653.

The stock rubber bushings are filled with a vibration-absorbing fluid that leaks or evaporates over time. This leaves the bushing wobbly and with far too much slop and play that makes the car feel vague and unstable. Urethane bushings from Powerflex have been carefully engineered to work with the rest of the suspension and offer improved steering feedback and stability without impacting ride comfort or noise. They also have a lifetime warranty so you may never have to pay for new bushings again!

These bushings replace the inner rubber bushings on the tension strut, also known as the thrust arm or upper control arm. They add approx 0.5° of positive caster to the alignment. If replacing due to wear, also inspect the outer ball joint of this arm as it may also be in need of replacement.

Note: the aluminum tension strut arm is only expected to receive one bushing change before the arm should be replaced. BMW techs are trained to add a punch mark on the inner edge of the bushing where it's pressed into the arm. If a punch mark is present BMW requires the arm be replaced. Pressing out/in another bushing may result in the clearance around the bushing to be too large or may crack the arm.

BMW Fitments:
5 Series
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 528i xDrive N20 (2012-2016)
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 535d
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 535d xDrive
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 535i xDrive
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 550i xDrive
6 Series
F12 / F13 (12-18) > 650i xDrive
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