KW Variant 4 (V4) Coil Over Kit - F87 M2 & M2 Competition

Triple-adjustable dampers plus height adjustment for high-performance street or track driving.

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F87 M2 KW V4 Coil Overs:
Front Lowering Range: 15-40mm
Rear Lowering Range: 20-45mm

A more powerful toolbox for mixed performance street and intermediate-level track driving.

The KW V4 takes adjustable street dampers to a new level - high and low speed compression is adjustable along with rebound damping and ride height. The dampers come with a recommended setting determined by the KW engineers for your particular vehicle, fine-tuned on KW's 7-post dynamic rig and the Nürburgring Nordschleife. With more adjustments you can adjust handling for each part of the corner - braking, initial turn-in, mid-corner entry, mid-corner exit, and corner exit/power down.

  • 6 clicks Low Speed Compression controls large body motions, especially in the middle of a corner
  • 15 clicks High Speed Compression controls faster wheel motions like bumps as well as braking and transitions
  • 16 clicks Rebound adjustment to tune the ride comfort
KW has a strong reputation for delivering long-term reliability and performance due to their use of corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum, stainless steel (“inox-line”), and composites. The dirt-resistant trapezoid thread and composite collar mean that you’ll always be able to quickly and easily adjust your ride height when needed, regardless of how many years or seasons they’ve been installed. Adjusting ride height is a simple task, with one-piece composite height adjusters on the front dampers and height adjusters sitting either above or below the rear springs.

Fitment Notes: KW Variant coil overs come with monoball top mounts for the front and rear shocks. These are solid mounts with no rubber isolator and additional vibration and harshness should be expected. Monoball mounts typically require more frequent maintenance and replacement. Depending on ride height setting and wheel/tire sizes wheel spacers may be required on the front wheels.

Note: this kit is designed for cars without EDC electronic shocks. If installing this kit on a car with EDC it may result in an error message in iDrive or OBC unless the EDC coding is disabled.

Shipping note: All KW Suspension kits include a $95 flat rate shipping cost, included in the price shown. This is because each kit is made and shipped from KW's factory in Fichtenberg, Germany, and this fee covers this transportation. KW dealers have the choice to either include this $95 fee in the price of the item, or as a flat rate fee during checkout, but the final cost to you is the same either way. This ensures fair and equal pricing between Authorized KW dealers.

BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (2016+) > M2 Competition S55 (2019+)
F87 (2016+) > M2 N55 (2016-2018)
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