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Chassis Reinforcements

BMW chassis reinforcements are often recommended for BMWs driven in high-performance environments and are required for long-term durability on BMWs driven on track regularly. All of our BMW chassis reinforcement products are engineered to extend both the performance and longevity of your BMW's chassis, both street or track. Use our SEARCH BY MODEL feature to filter these items for your BMW.

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BimmerWorld E46 Rear Subframe/Chassis Reinforcement Kit

Solves a problem that plagues the E46 3-series

Price: $129.99

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Front Strut Tower Reinforcement Plate - E36

A must for E36s with performance-tuned suspensions

Price: $16.99

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Rear Trailing Arm Pocket Reinforcement Kit

A must for any E36 3-Series that sees time on track, including M3s

Price: $49.99

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Stainless Steel Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement Plates

Repair torn towers or prevent cracking by reinforcing

Price: $20.99

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E36/E46 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit

A must for E36 and E46 cars used on track - subframe insurance

Price: $19.99

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Front Strut Tower Reinforcement Plate - E46 & E46 M3 - 51717036781

A must for all E46s with performance-tuned suspensions

Price: $34.99

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E36 Rear Subframe/Chassis Reinforcement Kit

A must for E36 track, autocross or dual-duty cars - factory fit and easy to weld in

Price: $119.99

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Front Strut Tower Reinforcement Plate - E82, E9X

A must for E9Xs and E8Xs with performance-tuned suspensions

Price: $15.99

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E36 Rear Swaybar Reinforcement Kit

Rear subframe protection fo use with aftermarket sway bars on tracked/auto-X cars

Price: $39.99

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E30 Front Swaybar Reinforcement Kit

Recommended with the use of any aftermarket swaybars

Price: $14.99

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Rogue Engineering RACEBRACE Strut Tower Brace - E36 6-Cyl

Tubular strut bar with reinforced multi-bar design

Price: $309.99

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Rogue Engineering RACEBRACE Strut Tower Brace - E46 M3 & 3 Series '02+

Tubular strut bar with reinforced multi-bar design

Price: $339.99

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BMW Performance Strut Tower Brace - E46

Genuine BMW Performance strut tower brace for your E46

Price: $439.99

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BMW Performance Strut Tower Brace - E9X / E8X

Genuine BMW Performance strut tower brace for your E9X / E8X

Price: $288.99

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BMW Motorsport E36 3 Series/Z3 X Brace

Factory Motorsport cross brace for a considerably noticeable difference, street or track

Price: $441.00

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BMW Motorsport E36 3 Series/Z3 X Brace Kit

Genuine BMW Motorsport cross brace and installation hardware for a considerably noticeable difference, street or track

Price: $451.00

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Rogue Engineering E46 Rear Spring Perch Reinforcement

Prevent damage to your rear spring perch

Price: $54.99

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E30 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit

A must for tracked E30 cars to protect or repair your front subframe

Price: $19.99

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Genuine BMW Strut Brace Bracket - Left - 51717895249

Genuine BMW # 51717895249

Price: $112.31

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Strut Brace Mount - Right - E46 M3 - 51717895250

Genuine BMW # 51717895250

Price: $139.99

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BMW Motorsport E36 3 Series/Z3 X Brace Hardware Kit

Required hardware for installing the chassis-stiffening BMW Motorsport X Brace

Price: $10.99

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Genuine BMW Reinforcement Plate - 51717028433 - E46, E85 Z4

Genuine BMW # 51717028433

Price: $206.99

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Genuine BMW Front Undertray Mounting Bolt, M10x35 - 31106772199

Genuine BMW M10x35 Front Axle Hexagon Screw (Part #31106772199)

Price: $3.79

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Genuine BMW Hex Bolt with Washer, M10x35-Z1 10.9 - 33306760652

Genuine BMW M10x35-Z1 10.9 Rear Axle Hex Bolt (Part #33306760652)

Price: $2.28

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E9X 3 Series ///Motorsport Firewall Strut Brace - All E90/E91/E92/E93

Factory BMW Motorsport bracing for all E9X 3-Series cars

Price: $546.46

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Genuine BMW E9X M3 Front Reinforcement Plate - 31102283032

This metal plate acts as an under-engine skid plate and chassis reinforcement on the 2008-2013 BMW M3 V8

Price: $163.21

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Genuine BMW Stud - M8X29 - for E9X M3 Factory Front Strut Brace

A Genuine BMW stud used on the front strut bar on the E90 / E92 / E93 M3

Price: $8.19

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