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H&R VTF Adjustable Sport Spring Set - G80 M3, G82 M4

Progressive-rate lowering spring with adjustable ride height for street use

Holiday Deal! Price Includes $200 OFF! for a limited time!

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G80 M3 and G82 M4 H&R VTF Sport adjustable lowering spring set. Lowering specs:
F: -1.4-1.75"
R: -1.4-1.8"

Set your ride height without full coil overs! These springs include adjustable perches that slide over the stock shock housing. Turn the perch to fine-tune your ride height! No need to delete your EDC shocks!

One of the first steps in suspension tuning is replacing your vehicle's stock springs, and H&R Sport Springs are among the most popular lowering springs on the market. Choosing H&R means you get increased driving confidence thanks to the lower center of gravity and reduced body roll that gives you better handling and chassis balance. Plus, you get an aggressive but driveway-friendly stance for better aesthetics.

The progressive spring rates of H&R Sports are increased by 10-20% over stock, and they're designed to provide excellent ride quality and comfort during normal driving conditions, yet they stiffen up for proper chassis composure when the road gets twisty! The ideal combination!

Made in Germany

BMW Fitments:
3 Series
G80 (2021-) > M3 (2021-)
G80 (2021-) > M3 Competition RWD (2021-)
4 Series
G82 / G83 (2021-) > M4 (2021-)
G82 / G83 (2021-) > M4 CSL
G82 / G83 (2021-) > M4 Competition RWD (2021-)
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