E64 M6 Front Sway Bar Upgrade Kit for E60, E63

A Genuine BMW factory sway bar upgrade with urethane bushings for E60 5-series and E63 6-series

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This 29mm front sway bar is from the E64 M6 cabrio but is a direct fitment upgrade on other E60 5-series and E63 6-series models with new bushings and hardware. We put this kit together that includes everything you need.

Will not fit cars with Dynamic Drive (aka Roll Control, Active Sway Bar).

This kit includes:
1 x 31352283123, 29mm front sway bar
2 x PFF5-703-29, Powerflex 29mm urethane sway bar bushings
2 x 31352283190, front sway bar bushing bracket
2 x 31356763094, M8 square nut
2 x 31356765194, M8x35 hex screw with flange
2 x 31316769731, M8 hex nut with flange

Adding a larger front sway bar adds stability and improves steering to the front suspension on E60 525i, 528i, 530i, 535i, 545i, 550i, M5 and E63 645ci, 650i, and M6. Stock bars on these other cars are 25-28mm, which makes this 29mm bar an upgrade for all RWD E60, E63 models. Even a 1mm difference makes a noticeable change. You'll notice the steering reacts quicker and faster and with less bodyroll in the front. A rear bar is recommended but is not required.

We used Powerflex urethane bushings in this kit because they are the proper 29mm inside diameter. The factory BMW bushing is actually 28mm. The stiffer urethane will also improve sway bar performance and they have a lifetime warranty.

All other parts are Genuine BMW, which makes this a direct install even for E64 M6 cabrio. You can use your original front sway bar links or add new Meyle HD links too.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E60 (04-06) > 525i
E60 (07-10) > 528i
E60 (04-07) > 530i
E60 (07-10) > 535i
E60 (04-05) > 545i
E60 (06-10) > 550i
E60 (06-10) > M5
6 Series
E63 / E64 (04-05) > 645ci
E63 / E64 (06-11) > 650i
E63 / E64 (06-10) > M6
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