E36/E46 Trailing Arm Bushing Tool

Save hours of labor and hundreds of dollars! Remove old and install Powerflex RTABs without removing the arms!

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The original and still the best trailing arm bushing tool on the market! Beware of cheap knock-offs and imitators. Our BimmerWorld brand tool is 100% Made in the U.S.A., unlike some of the cheesy copy-cat versions you'll find. They may look similar, but ask them where their tool is made. (You won't like the answer!)

The E36/E46 Trailing Arm Bushing Tool is a must-have for any DIY mechanic who doesn't like to waste time struggling with jobs that should be quick and easy.

Replacing the rear trailing arm bushings on an E36 or E46 with a normal press can take 3-4 hours, plus all the patience you can dig up. For those who don't have the time and patience, it can take lot of money instead... Taking your car to a shop can cost upwards of $100 per hour, and most shops charge book rate, which is longer than the actual job usually takes.

This trailing arm bushing tool is simple to use and is similar to the $600 BMW version, but without the painful premium price. This tool allows you to press out the old bushings and install Powerflex premium polyurethane bushings with the arms on the car.

  • Fits all E36 and E46 3-Series.
  • Must-have tool for any DIY/Shadetree BMW mechanic
  • Works on all E36 and E46 3-Series models
  • Jaw-puller design for incredible ease of use
  • Cost-effective and dependable design

  • Note: E46 cars, and some E36 cars with the newer bushing style, require bending the lip on the bushing before this tool can be used. Please view the PDF instructions below to determine what type of bushings you have. These bushings may also be removed by alternative methods, such as cutting them out with a sawzall.

    RTAB Tool Installation/Install Instructions (PDF)

    BMW Fitments:
    3 Series
    E36 (1992-1995) > 318i M42
    E36 (1996-1999) > 318i M44
    E36 (1994-1995) > 318ic M42
    E36 (1996-1999) > 318ic M44
    E36 (1992-1995) > 318is M42
    E36 (1996-1999) > 318is M44
    E36 (1997-1998) > 323ic
    E36 (1997-1998) > 323is
    E36 (1992-1995) > 325i
    E36 (1994-1995) > 325ic
    E36 (1992-1995) > 325is
    E36 (1996-1998) > 328i
    E36 (1996-1999) > 328ic
    E36 (1996-1999) > 328is
    E36 (1994-1995) > M3 3.0 (1995)
    E36 (1996-1999) > M3 3.2 (1996-1999)
    3 Series
    E46 (2000-2000) > 323Ci
    E46 (1999-2000) > 323i
    E46 (2001-2006) > 325Ci
    E46 (2001-2005) > 325i
    E46 (2001-2005) > 325xi
    E46 (2000-2000) > 328Ci
    E46 (1999-2000) > 328i
    E46 (2001-2006) > 330Ci
    E46 (2001-2005) > 330i
    E46 (2001-2005) > 330xi
    E46 (2001-2006) > M3
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