Rear Shock Mount (RSM), Meyle HD - E34, E32 with Self-Leveling

Upgraded heavy-duty shock mount replaces BMW part #37121129867

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Rear upper shock and spring mount for E34 525i/530i/535i/540i/M5 and E32 735i/740i/750iL with the self-leveling rear suspension. The self-leveling shocks have an M12 sized top nut (standard shocks use an M10). This mount locates the rear shock to the chassis of the car and provides the support for the rear spring. When these go bad there will be a thunk or clunk from the rear of your E34 or E32, especially when going over bumps.

This shock mount is a Heavy-Duty design from Meyle. Meyle HD parts are designed and engineered in Germany using an OE+ approach. Meyle engineers use the original link design but with several improvements in materials and design to make a link that lasts longer and performs better than the stock link. Meyle HD parts are true upgrades that surpass OEM parts but without compromises to noise or ride quality. Meyle HD parts have a four year warranty.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E34 (89-95) > 525i M20
E34 (89-95) > 525i M50
E34 (89-95) > 530i
E34 (89-95) > 535i
E34 (89-95) > 540i
E34 (89-95) > M5 (91-95)
7 Series
E32 (88-94) > 735i
E32 (88-94) > 735iL
E32 (88-94) > 740i
E32 (88-94) > 740iL
E32 (88-94) > 750iL
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