Rear Shock Mount (RSM), Rogue Engineering - E30, E36, E46 Convertible

Convertible-specific, bottom-mount aluminum RSMs with Shore A 65 rubber bushings for performance and comfort

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Special design for Convertible models only - includes modified reinforcement plate that fits the unique Convertible rear bodywork. A Rogue Engineering exclusive!

  • Eliminates poorly-designed factory mount
  • Quick-Change under-mount design
  • Performance urethane bushings
  • Stainless steel or zinc plated hardware

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts will make your rear end clunk a thing of the past. These high-quality and  serviceable rear shock mounts make you wish the factory had put this much effort into designing the OE parts.

BMW's factory rear shock mounts are designed with soft rubber in order to provide the quietest ride possible. Unfortunately, that means they're not very durable. Upgrading to OE E46 M3 rear mounts for your E30, E36, or E46 is a popular choice, but the factory design is simply week and known to fail, resulting in squeaking, rattling, clunking, and deflection of the rear shock mount. That's not only annoying, but it means your rear suspension isn't working optimally.

Rogue's RSMs are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with Shore A 65 durometer rubber bushings (approximately 30% stiffer than the factory bushings) to allow for some level of street comfort. The design makes it impossible for the bushings to "pop out" like the factory mounts do when they fail. The bushings are also replaceable, so you can change just the bushing material instead of the entire mount. Compressions washers and spacers are made of 303 stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and all other hardware is either Grade 8 or better, treated with a yellow zinc plate for corrosion resistance.

Protection plus Quick Installation/Removal
A key feature of these RSMs is the reinforcement assembly that secures the rear shock mount to the vehicle, protecting against the rear shock from ripping out the sheet metal.

They also incorporate a bottom-mount design, so it only requires removing the two nuts and the single bolt at the bottom of the shock for removing dampers. You no longer need to disassemble the trunk area to gain access!

The Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts are designed for standard 10mm rear shocks, but can also be used with 12mm adjustable race shocks with the use of optional washers.

Fitment for:
All E30 Convertible
All E36 Convertible
All E46 Convertible

RE RSM Set includes:

  • Two (2) Rogue Engineering 6061-T6 CNC, anodized rear shock mounts
  • Four (4) Shore A 65 bushings (2 required per mount)
  • Two (2) 303 stainless steel bushing spacers (to be used with standard 10mm rear shocks)
  • Four (4) 303 stainless steel washers (2 required per mount)
  • Four (4) yellow zinc-plated serrated lock nuts
  • Two (2) shock tower reinforcement assemblies (with wellded-on 10.9 hardware welded
  • Two (2) factory gaskets (#33521128734)

*Shock mounts for convertible 3-Series have the reinforcement plate shaped to fit in the confined area of the convertible top storage area. However, Z3 convertibles require standard Rogue Engineering RSM design.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E30 (84-91) > 318i
E30 (84-91) > 325i
3 Series
E36 (92-99) > 318ic M42
E36 (92-99) > 318ic M44
E36 (92-99) > 323ic
E36 (92-99) > 325ic
E36 (92-99) > 328ic
E36 (92-99) > M3 (96-99)
3 Series
E46 (99-05) > 323Ci
E46 (99-05) > 325Ci
E46 (99-05) > 330Ci
E46 (99-05) > M3
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