MSS Sport Adjustable Spring Set - F95 X5M, F96 X6M

Outstanding ride comfort and adjustable ride height without losing factory EDC

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F95 X5M, F96 X6M MSS Spring Kit:
Front Lowering: 0-50mm
Rear Lowering: 0-50mm
Finely-tuned adjustable lowering springs matched to your factory shocks!

MSS uses a stacked rear spring design combined with progressive-rate main springs to achieve high levels of comfort even with a lowered ride height. Two active springs and three distinct spring rates deal with a much wider array of situations than a single static spring rate. The stacked springs allow a moderate and comfortable ride thanks to a "soft" initial spring for minor bumps and road irregularities. The MSS approach with a triple spring rate is unique and is remarkably effective in real-world driving. We tested multiple cars with these springs and were genuinely impressed with how ride comfort improved over the factory suspension, even with a lowered ride height.

Spring rates are developed specifically for your chassis to retain as much ride comfort as possible, even with a lowered suspension. Ride height has been precisely engineered to work with the travel of the stock shock/strut and new bump stops are included that allow lowering with the proper shock travel.

Manufactured in the UK and TUV approved. Springs are made by Eibach with a lifetime warranty.

Lowering amounts will vary depending on factory suspension options. Do not exceed 50mm of lowering height and maintain the factory F:R rake (measure beforehand). Springs will settle into a final ride height after approximately 2,000 miles.

See more detail and impressions in this brief video (2:52):

BMW Fitments:
X5 Series
F95 X5 M (2020-) > X5 M (S63M 2020-2023)
F95 X5 M (2020-) > X5 M Competition (S68T 2024+)
X6 Series
F96 X6M (2020-) > X6 M (S63M 2020-2023)
F96 X6M (2020-) > X6 M Competition (S68T 2024+)
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