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TA5R Wheels

TA5R - The Best Flow Formed BMW Wheels for Track and Street
The TA5R is a flow-formed alloy wheel released by BimmerWorld in October, 2019.
TA5R wheels are made in 17" diameter and 18" diameter in a variety of widths and offsets. Our goal was to offer serious track and/or race wheels that are strong, light, inexpensive, fully-featured, and readily available. The TA5R is sold alongside our forged TA16 wheel, also designed by BimmerWorld.

All TA5R wheels use the 5x120 bolt pattern and a 72.56 center bore, which are the standard wheel specs for many BMW models:
2 Series: M235i Racing/M240i Racing
3 Series: E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F31, F36, F80, including M3
4 Series: F32, F33, F34, F82, F83, including M4
Z Series: Z3, E85, E86
M2: F87 M2 (non-Comp)
M3: E36 M3, E46 M3, E9X M3, F80 M3
M4: F82/F83 M4

Available Wheel Specs:
All listed sizes have a 5x120mm bolt pattern and 72.56mm center bore.
SizeOffset (ET)Load RatingWeight (LBS)Face Profile
17x8.5381,455 lbs17.38standard
17x9.0421,455 lbs17.60standard
18x8.5381,584 lbs19.03standard
18x9.0421,584 lbs19.58standard
18x9.0311,584 lbs19.67standard
18x9.5351,584 lbs19.80standard
18x9.5221,584 lbs19.88standard
18x10.0331,584 lbs20.46concave
18x10.0251,584 lbs20.50concave
18x10.5361,584 lbs20.68concave
18x10.5241,584 lbs20.72concave
18x11.0441,584 lbs20.90concave
18x11.0251,584 lbs20.97concave
TA5R Wheel Face Profile - Standard vs Concave

Flow Forming Wheel Process
Flow forming is a process that produces a semi-forged wheel barrel (rim) while using a cast center. Much of the strength in a wheel comes from the barrel and having a high-strength barrel gives an excellent basis for overall wheel strength. The traditional casting process creates wheels with pockets of air inside the aluminum grain. This makes the wheel more susceptible to bends or cracks. Fully forged wheels are machined from solid blocks of aluminum with a much tighter grain structure and nearly no air pockets. Flow forming is a process in between where the barrel is rolled down a mandrel similar to how a forged barrel is made. The flow-formed alloy grain is tight like a forged wheel. The wheel center/face is cast.

Flow-Form barrel on the mandrel.

Lessons Learned in Rigidity
Through our forged TA16 wheel program, and with experience with other flow formed wheels, we knew the TA5R had to be rigid where it counted most: the barrel and the outer rim lips. The barrel in a flow formed wheel is made using a forging technique called roll forming. This makes the barrel extremely strong. We went a step further and added extra material to the inner rim lip. The inside lip is the most likely to bend due to the lack of a reinforcing face. So extra material here makes it stronger and more resistant to bending. On the outer face the spokes extend all the way to the lip edge to further reinforce the outer lip.
We have launched the TA5R using many of the common sizes and offsets for 3-series, 4-series, M2, M3, M4, and Z3/Z4 models. With creative sizing we can also offer wheels for select 5-series and 7-series models*. We looked at common spacer sizes and lowered the wheel offset to match. Even with big brakes the TA5R will rarely need spacers for clearance or a flush fit. We have a wheel that is an excellent fit for most applications!
M2/M3/M4 models use either a very low offset or a combination of low and high. We have a selection of wider wheels and low offsets for square track wheel sets as well as staggered sizes for high-torque cars that need extra rubber in the rear.

Brake Clearance
Our TA5R spokes and face profiles ensure the wheel clears a large variety of big brakes kits from BMW, StopTech, PFC, Brembo, and others. Our spokes have a slight concave profile, even in the high offset "flat" face design that curves around the big calipers. This means that you won't need to run a wheel spacer to clear many brake kits. In addition, the barrel has been designed to have proper clearances but not at the expense of strength. Some brake kits are a very tight fit but clear with the minimum recommended clearance of 3mm.

Modeling big brake kits for clearance.

TA5R has passed the three tests performed under SAE J2530: Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Test, Dynamic Radial Fatigue Test, and an Impact Test. These tests are done to qualify the wheel's strengths and are a industry-accepted measure of wheel design and manufacturing quality. We used the SAE testing standards because it is more relevant to the US market. The SAE tests are the same as the JWL/VIA testing for the Japanese market but one of the SAE tests (Dynamic Radial Fatigue) is actually double the duration of the same VIA test, making it a more stringent test. Not all aftermarket wheel manufacturers bother with the testing as it is not required to sell wheels in the USA. Unfortunately, quality varies greatly in the marketplace. Some well-known wheel brands advertised as track wheels will not actually pass VIA/SAE testing! Wheel testing and certification has been a hot issue and it was important that we had our designs validated. Actual certificates are not required for the US or Canadian markets and we did not pursue registration for the Japanese market (VIA) or Germany/European Union (TUV).


Are these better than Brand X wheel?
On paper, TA5R has similar, same, or better specs than all other wheels in the flow-form market. Wheel design is subjective but we love how these wheels look in person and photographs.
Where are they made?
TA5R is made in China. The factory is a Tier-1 OE supplier to a major auto manufacturer and has ISO certification.
Have they been tested?
All TA5R sizes have been tested and passed JWL/VIA and SAE standards using the approved testing equipment. We used the SAE standards for grading as it is slightly more stringent than the normal VIA standards and the SAE organization is more pertinent to the US market.
What is the load rating?
17" has a 660kg (1,455lb) rating.
18" has a 720kg (1,587lb) rating.
How much do they weigh?
17" weighs between 16.95-17.24lbs., depending on size and offset.
18" weighs between 18.61-20.98lbs, depending on size and offset.
What face profile do they come in?
All TA5R wheels have a concave face where the spokes curve in towards the hub. The spoke shape gives it tremendous caliper clearance. The high and medium offset wheels still have a mild concave face profile that we refer to as "the Standard face". The low offset wheels have noticeably more set-back profile and we refer to these as "the Concave wheel". The one exception is the low offset 18x9.5 ET22 that uses the Standard face profile for better brake clearance.
What is flow-forming?
Flow-forming manufactures the wheel using casting and forging techniques. The face is cast to form it's shape. The barrel starts out as a cast piece but it's final shape is produced using a process similar to forgings. The strength of the wheel comes from the barrel most of all and the semi-forging process has greater strength than traditional casting.
What sizes do they come in?
17" diameters are offered in 8.5" and 9.0" widths.
18" diameters are offered in 8.5", 9.0", 9.5", 10.0", 10.5", and 11.0".
What colors do they come in?
We kept the colors simple: a bright silver, gloss gunmetal (anthracite), and a gloss black.
Will they fit my E82 1-series or F22 2-series?
These models take a somewhat narrow width and very high offset. At this time only our 17x8.5, 17x9.0, 18x8.5, and 18x9.0 wheels "may fit" but note the offsets are lower than what is ideal for the E82 or F22. You will get some slight wheel poke past the fender. Added negative camber and/or narrow tire widths will be required.
Will they fit my E39 5-series?
No they will not. The center bore of the TA5R is 72.56, which is smaller than the E39 center bore of 74.10.
Will they fit my 5/6/7/8-series?
Yes but also No. We have chosen sizes and offsets for the 3 and 4-series market. A 5/6/7/8-series model typically takes a lower offset than what we initially produced, although some M3/M4 fitments may be close. You can make up this offset difference with wheel spacers. However, these models produced after 2009 are much heavier and require a wheel with a higher load rating. This is based on the axle weight of the car, which you can find on a sticker on the driver's door pillar (GVAWR and then divide by 2). The TA5R does not fit any 1996-2003 E39 5-series models.
What's included with the wheel?
One wheel and one TA5R center cap are included. Your factory wheel bolts and BMW center cap can be re-used or purchased separately. Any valve stem used on factory wheels will also work.
Will my BBK fit?
The 17" will clear most brakes up to 355mm with either 4 or 6-piston calipers.
The 18" will clear most brakes up to 380mm with 4 piston calipers, including PFC, StopTech, Brembo, and Wilwood. It does clear the StopTech 380mm/6-piston kit but a Brembo 380mm/6-piston is too large for the barrel.
Always install wheel weights in the proper position to maintain clearances.
Will my TPMS sensor fit?
Yes, use your factory-recommended OEM TPMS sensor and valve stem.
Do you offer wholesale?
We welcome all wholesale inquiries and offer tiered pricing and other incentives.
Do you offer Group Buys?
No, we do not. To keep the sales process simple we do not offer or participate in Group Buys. We do have occasional sales across the catalog and encourage you to sign up for our newsletter emails.

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Strong, lightweight, flow-formed, huge brake clearance, sleek style.

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BimmerWorld TA5R 18 inch Flow-Form Wheel - E36, E46, E9X, F3X, F8X, Z3, Z4

Strong, lightweight, flow-formed, huge brake clearance, sleek design

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