Racing Tools
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Racing Tools

These are tools we like to keep in our race trailer for track-side support as well as our in-house race shop for the BimmerWorld Racing BMWs. 

Motive Power Fill Fluid Transfer Pump and Container

Robust tool that won't fall apart - perfect for filling transmission and differential fluid

Price: $83.99

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Longacre Toe Plates

Quick and easy way to measure toe-in for car setup and alignment

Price: $69.99

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MCS Spanner Wrench

Designed for adjusting MCS spring perches and lock plates

Price: $29.99

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Intercomp Digital Caster/Camber Gauge

One of the best digital castor/camber gauges on the market with incredible accuracy

Price: $369.00

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Longacre Economy Pyrometer

Inexpensive probe-style pyrometer fore accurately measuring/recording tire temperatures

Price: $119.99

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Longacre Deluxe Memory Pyrometer

12-temperature display reads your full car tire temps quickly and stores 10 sets of temps

Price: $399.99

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Longacre Magnum Tire Gauge

Premium gauge with huge 3 3/4" glow-in-the-dark 0-60psi face and dual bleed buttons

Price: $82.99

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Longacre Standard Tire Gauge

2" glow-in-the-dark face, 0-60psi, and quick-release button

Price: $32.99

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MCS Spring Perch Locking Tool Set

Cost-effective tool required to unlock, raise and lower MCS spring perches

Price: $29.98

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SmartCamber Gauge

Quickly and easily measure camber and castor for track alignment

Price: $289.99

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Two-Stage Air Jack Stand

Safe, rugged, lightweight jack stand set designed specifically for air jacks

Price: $399.99

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Engine Oil Filler Funnel - Professional "No Mess" Design

High quality, 24 Month Warranty

Price: $69.95

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Trailering Tie Down Hook (Set of 4)

Tie down your BMW with the factory-intended method for safe trailering

Price: $59.99

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Genuine BMW Trailer Hitch Kit - E70 X5 without M Sport Aero

Full install kit to add a Class III trailer hitch to any non-M sport model 2007-2013 BMW X5 SAV

Price: $439.99

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Genuine BMW Trailer Hitch Ball & Tongue Mount - 2 inch - E70/E71

A critical component to adding a trailer hitch to your E70 X5 or E71 X6

Price: $34.99

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Genuine BMW Trailer Hitch Wiring Kit - E70 X5 xDrive

Electrical wiring components kit for adding standard 4 pin / 7 pin trailer connection for 2007-2013 BMW X5 SAV

Price: $219.99

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Fuel Sample Port Kit

Easy dry-break use, required for SCCA and other race groups

Price: $89.99

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RaceSense Professional Tire Pressure Gauge (without Pyrometer)

A tire pressure gauge for modern times

Price: $394.99

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RaceSense Professional Tire Pressure Gauge with Pyrometer

A tire pressure and temperature gauge for modern times

Price: $448.99

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Allstar Performance Shock Inflation Tool

A requirement for proper and accurate race damper setup

Price: $84.99

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