Fault Code Readers & Diagnostic Tools
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Fault Code Readers & Diagnostic Tools

Check engine light got you down? These BMW fault code reader and reset tools may be helpful. Once your BMW engine control unit (ECU) records a fault code, you will likely get a "Service Engine Soon" or "Check Engine" warning light on your dash. A check engine light can lead to a failed emissions test as well as loss of power and damage to components. This category of BMW tools is to help identify the problem and help you get it fixed. 

Foxwell i53BT Advanced Diagnostic System for BMWs - 5.5" Touch Screen & Bluetooth

This takes the features of the NT530, adds more, PLUS a 5.5" touchscreen & Bluetooth wireless interface!

Price: $339.15

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Foxwell NT530 OBD System Scanner Tool for BMWs

Our favorite "Swiss army knife" of BMW multi-tools, offering diagnostic, programming, and reset options for 1996+ BMW models.

Price: $149.95

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Foxwell 20-Pin Round Port Adapter for 1987-2000 BMWs

Additional cable for connect the Foxwell scan tool to earlier, pre-2001 model BMWs

Price: $21.99

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On-Board Diagnostics / OBD Reference Book - Code Breaker - 559975010

More than 2,700 code definitions and suggested repairs to help diagnose fault codes easier

Price: $90.51

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Genuine BMW Battery Charger / Maintainer - 61432408594

Genuine BMW trickle charger for all battery types

Price: $150.48

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BMW Advanced Battery Charger / Charging System - 82110087135

Original BMW battery charger to keep your BMW battery tip-top during storage

Price: $84.99

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