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Foxwell i53BT Advanced Diagnostic System for BMWs - 5.5" Touch Screen & Bluetooth

This takes the features of the NT530, adds more, PLUS a 5.5" touchscreen & Bluetooth wireless interface!

★ July Sale! Price includes 15% OFF for a limited time! ★

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The BimmerWorld View: An improved interface with fast, full color touch-screen interface! Foxwell took all the things we loved about our favorite "simple" handheld diagnostic tool (the NT530) and packed it into a slick, fully Android based handheld tablet. The Foxwell i53BT is a very slick piece of electronic wizardry. While it feels like no diagnostic tool can do "everything" at this price, we found this one does the MOST for the money. It functions excellently as a code reader and diagnostic device to hunt down and resolve problems. It also works for many diagnostic and calibration functions that can often only be done with very expensive professional tools or Dealer-controlled computer systems. The feature set is a bit dependent on the BMW this is plugged into, but we were blown away by just HOW much it did. And it still fits in the glovebox! Every BMW owner needs one of these!  

i53 BT features: 
+ 5.5" TFT Touch Screen Interface 
+ Fast Android Operating System and Interface 
+ Bluetooth Wireless VCI Vehicle Interface Plug 
+ Compatible and ready to use with 1996+ BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce models*  
+ Includes license for additional BMW make-specific module 
+ read and clear engine and transmission fault codes and check engine lights (OBD P codes) 
+ read and clear body and general module fault codes (OBD B codes) 
+ read and clear ABS/DSC system fault codes (OBD C codes) 
+ read hard codes (check engine light) and soft codes (present but no check engine light) - great insight into lurking problems 
+ fault codes have clear BMW-related descriptions (not generic like most universal tools and apps) 
+ oil change, service due, and CBS reset 
+ airbag light reset* 
+ TPMS light reset* 
+ data logging and plotting from OBD sensors*, including saving and exporting data and graphs for review 
+ battery registration* 
+ steering angle sensor reset 
+ clutch or throttle adaptation reset* 
+ brake bleeding mode* 
+ parking brake deactivation* 
+ free lifetime software updates from Foxwell (no subscription required!) 
+ easy to use interface 
+ additional vehicle makes besides BMW available from Foxwell (fee may apply) 

Comes Pre-Loaded with BMW-Specific Software 
While other Foxwell tools offered by others usually comes preloaded in the box for general engine codes (OBD engine interface), our version of this tool comes pre-loaded and freshly updated with robust BMW-specific software to diagnose and work on BMWs, new and old. (Note that cars before 2001 may require or benefit from the optional 20-pin adapter, which allows connection to the round diag port used on 1987-2000 model BMWs.) 

View Live, Real-Time Data 
This tool shows live sensor data and graph formats, merging your BMW's interactive diagnostic info for easy and intuitive diagnosis. You can even record and play back your data logs to "catch" those pesky intermittent codes and failures. This is a consumer priced tool with professional level functionality. 

Read Codes, Clear Codes 
Is your BMW trying to tell you something? But you can't figure out what? A check engine light, Service Engine Soon, or Drivetrain Malfunction message just isn't enough information for you or your mechanic to work with. The Foxwell i53BT has the OBD and BMW-specific protocols to read and return the DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) on screen and with more specific information. You also have the option of clearing the codes as a troubleshooting option.  

Easy to Use Interface 
Many of the official BMW diagnostic and programming tools aren't built to be user friendly. Other universal tools or apps are too gimmicky to deliver real diagnostic value. The i53BT delivers exactly what you need! The LCD display has an intuitive interface with physical function buttons to operate the software menus. This tool can identify your BMW by reading its VIN over the data port, which allows for customized menu options built around communicating with your specific BMW model/chassis. English is the default language, but the tool itself supports other languages, if desired.  

The Auto Scan function allows you to quickly and easily scan the full vehicle system in just seconds. If there are fault codes or diagnostic trouble codes, even the type that don't set off a Check Engine Light (CEL), they'll be displayed. Just because your car doesn't have a check engine light, doesn't mean there may not be fault codes stored! This tool and the Auto Scan feature are also a GREAT method of preventative care for your BMW.  

Actuations, Adaptions and Coding 
The i53BT allows you access to your BMW's major and sub-component electronic systems. Many of these modules can be controlled, and in some cases even coded / modified. If that sub-system allows for coding features, you can often "flash" new programming instructions. You can use this tool to temporarily activate or take control of a vehicle system or device. Foxwell is perpetually defining new programming features as they unlock functionality for the newest BMWs, as well as making the tool more useful for the late and older model BMWs. With many years of development and uptake from earlier versions of this tool, we feel this one of the easiest and best tools to try first for this type of work. The BimmerWorld staff has had great success using the i53BT on systems like ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, electrical and charging, body, chassis, and more.  

Includes Lifetime Free Software Updates! When you register your Foxwell i53BT with Foxwell, they offer FREE software updates for life. When new models or new diagnostic functionalities are added, using an internet enabled PC, you can then update your scanner and get the latest improvements. A Windows PC (personal computer) is required for updates; tablets and Chromebooks are not supported. Unlike other tools, these updates are FREE of charge, and aren't subject to costly monthly or annual subscription fees. That's a huge plus over some of the other tools that offer software updates. Some of the competing tools stop working if you don't pay for them! This tool is not like that, and is a "pay once" pricing model.  

Add More Vehicle Make Software Packages (Optional Add-on) 
This particular tool comes with licensing for ONE make of additional software support, and is loaded with the BMW software option, which also supports MINI and Rolls Royce makes. You may also add (for additional costs with Foxwell) other vehicle makes, including: Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz (including Maybach, Smart & Sprinter), Chrysler (including Dodge/Jeep), Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Honda (including Acura), Land Rover (including Jaguar), Maserati, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan (including Infiniti), Porsche, Toyota (including Lexus & Scion), VW (including Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini), and Volvo. These additional software packages are offered directly from Foxwell and can be added to your i53BT using a Windows PC and an internet enabled web browser.  

Sample "Successes" We've Tested at BimmerWorld 
Our standard is to test the products we sell. And with most of our staff being multiple-BMW owners, that's generally both easy and beneficial to us, the employees. We tested this tool on our own personal cars and company project cars -- and continue to use it and learn its feature-rich capabilities. Below are just SOME of the things we KNOW it does..... because we used the tool ourselves and vouch for it!  

BMW Battery Registration 
  - Type/Size Changes: E82 1 Series, E9X 3 Series, F3X 3 Series & 4 Series, etc.  
  - New battery registration (same size/type only) for F8X 3 series, G01 X3, G20 3 Series, G22 4 Series, G8X M3 & M4 

BMW Brake Bleeding Procedure for G8X M3/M4 - Did you know you can't manually bleed the brakes on the newer M3/M4 (G8X chassis) BMWs? It's true! But the i53BT allow you to EASILY put the car into "brake bleed" mode and bleed the brake fluid on the G80/G82 models. This normally requires ISTA P and a laptop, but the i53BT is up to the task!  

BMW Service Light Resets: Tested on BMWs as new as 2021 models! Often it's difficult to reset the newer service interval warnings, especially if you're only part way to the "needing service" phase. This tool can reset service interval indicators when the controls through the OBC / odometer button / stalk controls won't! 

Things we know it DOES NOT do: 
 - This tool does not support all / broad control module coding and programming. For those dealer-level coding tasks, you really need dealer type tools (like ISTA, Rheingold, NCSexpert, etc). We were impressed with the number of coding and programming options this tool DOES do, though.  

 - Does not program keys or key related modules.  

Known Compatible BMW Chassis:   
1 Series - BMW E82/E88 1 Series (2008-2013), including E82 1M Coupe 
2 Series - BMW F22/F23 2 Series (2014+), F87 M2 Coupe and M2 Competition (2016+), G42 2 Series (2022+), G87 M2 (2023+) 
3 Series - BMW E36 (1996-1999 including E36 M3), BMW E46 (1999-2006) including E46 M3, BMW E9X 3 Series (E90/E91/E92/E93, 2006-2013) including E9X M3, F3X 3 Series (F30, F31, F34, 2012-2019), BMW G20 3 Series (2020+), BMW G80 M3 (2021+) 
4 Series - BMW F32/F33/F36 4 Series (2014-2021), F82/F3 M4 (2015-2019), BMW G22/G23 4 Series (2021+), BMW G82/G83 M4 (2021+) 
5 Series - BMW E39 5 Series (1997-2003) including E39 M5, E60/E61 5 Series (2004-2010) incl E60 M5, F10 5 Series (2011-2016) incl F10 M5, G30 5 Series 2017+, F90 M5 
6 Series - BMW E63/E64 6 Series (2004-2010) including E63 M6, F13/F12/F06 6 Series (2011-2019) including F13 M6 Coupe, F12 M6 Convertible, F06 M6 Gran Coupe 
7 Series - BMW E38 7 Series (1996-2001), E65/E66 7 Series (2002-2008), F01/F02 7 Series (2009-2015, G12 7 Series (2016+) 
8 Series - BMW E31 8 Series (1996-1999), G14/G15 8 Series (2019+), F91/F92/F93 M8 (2020+)  
X Series -  
  BMW X1 (E84 2013-2015, F48 2016-2022)  
  BMW X2 (F39 X2 2018+)  
  BMW X3 (E83 X3 2004-2010, F25 2011-2017, G01 X3 2018+, F97 X3M 2019+)  
  BMW X4 (F26 X4 2015-2018, G02 X4 2019+, F98 X4M 2020+)  
  BMW X5 (E53 X5 2000-2006, E70 X5 2007-2013, F15 X5 2014-2019, F85 X5 M 2015-2018, G05 X5 2018+, F95 X5 M 2019+)  
  BMW X6 (E71 X6 2009-2014, F16 X6 (2015-2019), F86 X6 M (2015-2019), F96 X6 M (2020+)  
  BMW X7 (G07 X7 2019+)  
Z Series - E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002) incl Z3 M Roadster/Coupe, E85/E86 Z4 (2003-2010) incl Z4 M Roadster/Coupe, E89 Z4 Roadster (2011-2016), G29 Z4 Roadster (2019+)  

* Fitment/Compatibility Note: Please note that compatibility and tool functions do vary by model. Due to the vast capabilities of this tool, we cannot list every single option and possibility. Regular firmware and software updates from the manufacturer help ensure the maximum capabilities and compatibilities. More BMW models may work with this tool than what is listed above, but these are the chassis we felt comfortable with at last update.  

** 1996-2000 models with the round diagnostic connector will need an adapter (any generic OBD 20-pin adapter should work). 1999+ models with both the round and rectangular port should also have an adapter due to limited functions available through the rectangular port. 

Detailed Specs 
Display: 2.8" TFT Color Screen (Visible Day or Night) 
Weight: 2.0 lbs (0.9 kg) 
Dimensions: 7.7" x 3.75" x 1.5" (195 x 95 x 38 mm) 
Operating Temp: 32 to 140 degrees F (0 to 60 C) 
Storage Temp: -4 to 158 degrees F (-20 to 70 C) 
Power: 8-18 volts (powered by vehicle battery / electrical system) 

Foxwell's Quick Start Guide 
Full User Manual (English) 
How to Purchase More Makes 
Warranty / Support 
Includes one year hardware warranty and free manufacturer updates for the Lifetime of the tool. Please be sure to register your Foxwell tool with the manufacturer for support, updates, and optional future upgrades. While BimmerWorld loves this tool and highly recommends it for every BMW owner, please note that we can't be your personal technician or "fault code reader whisperer" -- but we do encourage you to simply try this tool yourself and experience its benefits. This tool pays for itself in just a couple uses! 

This tool is Made in China by Foxwell, who is the supplier for many other "private label" rebranded hand-held scanner tools. The most popular rebranded scanner for European cars just happens to use older hardware, has less functionality, and sells at a significantly higher price point. BimmerWorld is happy to offer this tool free of "manu-packaging", extra mark-up and rebranding schemes, with support directly from the actual manufacturer, and at a very attractive price point. 

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