APEX ARC-8 18x8.5/18x9.5" Staggered Wheel Set, Silver

A set of four ARC8 wheels for a great F22 2-series square setup for street or track

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18" staggered wheel set for E82 128i/135i, F22 228i/230i/M235i/M240i.

This staggered wheel set has the widest wheels you can fit to the F22 2-series chassis without serious rubbing issues. We use a 8.5" ET45 in the front and a 9.5" ET58 in the rear. These are an inch wider in the front and a full 1.5" wider in the rear - allowing you to run a 255-275 width tire to get more rubber to the road. An aggressive staggered set also looks much better on the F22 chassis, which has pretty weak stock tire sizes.

APEX ARC-8 wheels have become one of the most sought after wheels for both track and street, and with good reason. They're light, strong, and specifically designed for BMW fitments. Plus, they just happen to have a classic design that never looks old. The APEX ARC-8 wheel achieves its combination of strength, light weight, and affordability through flow-forming technology. The flow-forming process occurs under extreme pressure, yielding a barrel that is stronger than a standard cast wheel, with certain material properties that are similar to a standard forged wheel. This added barrel strength allows for a reduction in overall wheel weight, while not sacrificing any of the strength you'd expect from durable flow-formed wheels.

APEX ARC-8 Wheel Specs:
Width:f: 8.5" / r: 9.5"
Offset:f: 45mm / r: 58mm
Profile:Profile 1, shallow concavity
Bolt Pattern:5x120
Center Bore:72.56
Typical Fitment:front and rear

Note: fitment information is provided as a guide, however, we cannot guarantee trouble-free fitment for every combination of wheel-tire-suspension setup. We encourage you to contact us with any wheel fitment questions or concerns. Final verification of wheel fitment is the responsibility of the customer. No spacers are recommended with the fitments listed below. Returns are limited to quality issues only.

BMW Fitments:

1 Series
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 128i
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135i
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135is
2 Series
F22 / F23 (14-17) > 228i
F22 / F23 (2018+) > 230i
F22 / F23 (14-17) > M235i
F22 / F23 (2018+) > M240i
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