BimmerWorld Silicone Throttle Body Boot - E36/Z3

Smooth the intake airflow in your 92-99 6-cylinder - gain up to 8 Hp

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Our BimmerWorld Silicone Throttle Boot is the perfect replacement for the stock rubber intake boot on your E36 or Z3. The stock unit is obviously a good functional piece, but it leaves power on the table. The bellows design of the stock part creates flow turbulence, and even the common Euro HFM adaptor piece has very abrupt transitions over a short length and disrupts airflow as a result. Our BimmerWorld-spec silicone boot easily outperforms both.

We've found a silicone hose manufacturer to make this intake boot to our exact specifications, directly replacing the stock rubber boot and flowing considerably better than the OE Euro HFM part. The high-quality 4-layer silicone construction will withstand anything you can throw at it for years to come. No more dry-rotting rubber! 

Hp increases from 3-8 Hp seen in testing from this piece alone!

Two versions available:

  • Standard Fitment - fits with intake systems utilizing the stock mass air meter
  • Euro HFM Fitment - for use with 3.5" mass air meter - extended tube length on HFM end allows installer to trim for a perfect fit for your specific intake system. Much smoother transition for airflow than other add-in reducers.

Fitment for the following 6-cylinder cars:

E36 (all w/ M50/M52, incl. M3)
Z3 (96-98)
MZ3 (96-00) 

This boot allows removal of the factory traction control for additional power gains - will not fit cars wishing to retain this factory piece.  All hoses come with two breather ports and plugs to cover those ports when not used depending on your specific configuration. 

Euro HFM not included. May require slight relocation of charcoal canister.


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