MaxVelocity E36 M3 Evo II Track Splitter

Full race/track splitter with full undertray

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The MaxVelocity E36 M3 EVO II Track Splitter is a highly functional aerodynamic aid for your E36 M3 track or race car. This ABS molded part has a 3.25" front riser to lower the splitter and reduce air going under the car. The full undertray extends back to the swaybar for an extremely effective design. The only way you can do better is with our full carbon fiber lightweight piece for over twice the money.

The EVO II comes with all mounting hardware and mounts directly to the E36 M3 or replica M3 bumper (only replica bumpers without integrated chin spoiler). This kit also comes with rear brackets that mount directly to the frame rails* for added reinforcement. The Evo II Standoff Mounting Kit is required if using on track to properly mount the splitter, to prevent the possibility of ripping your bumper cover off the car in the event of an off-track excursion.

*Rear brackets incorporate the anti-sway bar mounting stud as an attachment point.

Lip width: 2.5"
Airdam height: 2”
Under panel: flat, extends to front sway bar
Material: ABS plastic with shear resistant compound
Weight: 17lbs
Finish: Gloss black
Fitment: All 1995-1999 M-Technic original or replica bumpers
Mounting hardware: Rear mounting brackets and hardware are included

MaxVelocity parts are NOT available for international shipment.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E36 (1995) > M3 (S50)
E36 (92-99) > M3 (S52)
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