BimmerWorld GTMore Swan Neck Wing Upgrade - F82 M4 GT4

More efficient design with true race-proven performance

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The BimmerWorld View - The GT4 wing is decent but sized for regulations and Balance of Performance considerations. Without those restraints this is the better wing to have. Designed for our "gloves off" GT More project.

This product is intended as an upgrade for an existing GT4 wing. You must already have the GT4 wing installed. If you have a different wing or no wing at all please see our complete GT More wing kit by clicking here.

The BimmerWorld GT More Swan Neck Race Wing uses a 13.25" low camber profile wing element that is configured for a swan-neck mounting design. This minimizes obstruction and drag on the underside of the wing and takes up less real estate overall than traditional pedestal uprights. This wing comes as a complete kit which is a direct bolt-on for F82 coupe models (unlike generic elements that require hours to make both legal and functional, or unattractive adaptor blocks). Additionally, using a proven motorsport airfoil profile modified for our specific application, the efficiency is much higher than production-based spoilers including Lightweight/Motorsport reproductions and the Chinese replicas of Corvette wings with upturned, drag-inducing ends.

+ True F82-specific main element. The wider element makes the most effective use of the air.
+ Wider and larger than even the Motorsport GT4 wing (and the cheap replicas)
+ Low camber profile for low drag element yet still capable of producing high levels of downforce
+ High-quality craftsmanship. Molded foil is designed for minimal weight and maximum rigidity without adding unnecessary weight
+ Internal rib supports keeps the surface rigid and the air attached
+ Anodized aluminum stanchions and mounts
+ True bolt-on installation* does not require hours of setup to function properly. We do leave a small margin for error in rules legality, but due to different ride heights, rakes, etc, you should verify height and setback before permanently mounting

Wing includes endplates, wicker bill, uprights, mounting blocks, and hardware. Photos above are showing the complete GT More wing package; GT4 upgrade will be the main element only. Legal in BMW CCA classes, as well as many NASA classes and other groups.

Made in USA.

BimmerWorld race carbon parts are designed solely to improve performance. Surface finish and appearance are not priorities in our racing parts. Carbon may be unfinished or sometimes with a minimal clearcoat (for UV protection). You will not find high gloss finishes here for style points. If your priorities are a show car shine there is no shortage of cheaper carbon-wrapped fiberglass or plastic pieces on the market. These are usually loaded with fiberglass, filler, resin, and many clearcoat layers that make them too heavy or not rigid enough for real world competition use. If you wish to apply a finish we suggest vinyl wrap or a light filler skim coat and then paint. In any case, professional prep and installation are strongly advised.

BMW Fitments:

4 Series
F82 (15-21) > M4 GT4
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